So I’ve had one successful post

I feel there is a lot to be learned in order to use this site effectively.  I tried several times yesterday to post a photo and/or be able to make the avatar work but I was and still am unsuccessful. I have to work tomorrow and I know it will be extremely slow so maybe I’ll be able to review the FAQ section and the HELP sections to figure out what I need to know to be able to share some of my witted wisdom of photos and such with you.

Shopping is another issue of order. With Christmas being like 18 days away I’ve got to settle my butt down and shop.  I’ve been all over online and just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I do this almost every year. I wait and wait and wait … well you get my drift.  This year it’s more about Lil Man than anything else but that hasn’t even been simple.  I thought I had finished my shopping for him. Had it all on layaway and all I had to do was make these bi-weekly payments. Thanksgiving weekend my sister, brother-n-law, mother and I took off shopping, I turned my back for a split second and when I took time to look back they had bought everything I had on layaway and were carrying it out of the store.  Of course I had not shared any of my infinite knowledge of shopping layaways with them so they had no idea … BUT SHESH!!  I have to start from scratch.  To counter and make it even worse … My oldest daughter, Heather, raided the Black Friday sales and loaded up on those deals which left me with NOTHING.  Needless to say I’m going shopping for Lil Man on Christmas Eve and then I’ll know that whatever I end up buying, no one else will be able to spoil it!!


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