I have anxiously waited for Lil Man’s first verbal recognition of something or someone. My girls are grown and I honestly couldn’t remember at what age babies start pointing and calling things or people by name. Lil Man has been saying a few of those “first” words for a while now. Words such as MaMa, DaDa, NaNa, Bye, Hey, ect… but until last night he had never actually pointed at anything and verbalized what he was pointing at. My thought is/was that he’s still a little young for doing that kinda thing. After all he just turned 11 months but I guess it’s never really too early … he was walking at 9 months!!

Now … what happened … I got home from work last night about 10:30pm (it’s tax season for us and long hours prevail!). Lil Man was still awake when I got home and he was ready to play. After a few trip chasing him back and forth down the hall he finally fell over laughing and I knew he was slowing down, getting ready for night-night. He came to me lifting his arms and I, by nature, bent over to pick him up. The direction he was facing when I picked him up allowed him clear view of the wall behind my sofa where I have many many portraits of my girls and Lil Man. I had forgotten that on that same wall was is a picture of me and the girls that we had made while Sta was preggo with Lil Man. In the corner of that frame is a picture of my mother, Lil Man’s great-grandmother or Ganny to him. Well he got this huge grin on his little flushed face and he pointed straight at my mother’s picture and said “Ganny”. I was so overwhelmed I cried!! I realized at that moment that Lil Man had identified a picture hanging on the wall as his “Ganny”. I asked again who the lady was in the picture and with his little face he looked at me like I was insane and he said “Ganny”. I squeezed him tight and said “Yes Lil Man … that’s your Ganny” … the look on his face was priceless!


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