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Christmas was wonderful and awesome beyond my best dream. Everyone was happy and enjoyed each other’s company. Even Lil Man had a ball and he wasn’t even sure what was going on! I will post pictures and such later!

Among all the grandeurs of Christmas we only had one downfall or bad side. If you have read my previous entries I’m sure you have figured out that Lil Man’s dad is not in the picture. Neither is his dad’s family. They have seen Lil Man a few times but nothing to write about and definitely nothing to remember. They don’t bother to stay in touch or to call and check on Lil Man and none of them have offered to help provide for him, which is just as well … we don’t need their help … we are doing fine on our on … BUT … it would be nice if they would just call and ask about him and/or at least seem like they care just a little bit about him.

Anyway … they live in FL and they came to NC for Christmas. Turns out that Lil Man’s dad’s grandfather lives a short distance away from where we live and they came to spend Christmas with him. Well … they also had this grand idea for seeing Lil Man while they were here. It’s been a battle … they think we are foolish enough to turn them lose with our precious little boy and allow them to keep him for a couple of days … ‘to bond’ … that’s what V(dad’s mom) calls it. I have ISSUES!! Why now? Why haven’t they kept in touch? Why did they get Lil Man all this ‘stuff’ for Christmas then leave it in FL? Why do they think I’m stupid enough to turn them lose to take off with Lil Man? Now they are wanting me to turn them lose with not only Lil Man but with Stasha. They finally relented and said that Stasha could come spend a couple of days with them too. I’M SORRY!! NO FREAKING DICE!! The only way either one of them goes is if I go too! Stasha is defenseless and she is terribly afraid of Lil Man’s dad’s temper … SO … NO they will not take Lil Man and they will not take Stasha … WITHOUT ME!! I have told them that I will come to their rental home on Saturday and they can spend the day ‘bonding’ with Lil Man while we are there but when it comes time to leave … Lil Man and Stasha are coming with me … No additional conversation needed. They have been here since the Saturday before Christmas and his dad hasn’t even put forth effort to come to our home and see him but he has had plenty of time to go skiing and snowtubing. If ya got time to play … you got time for your son .. ON MY TERMS!

What do you think … am I being a horse’s patoot over this? Am I being selfish? OR am I making the right decision?


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