Year in Review

What a busy year it has been. I was reviewing my date book this morning and was absolutely amazed at everything that has happened during 2007. It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating New Year’s Day and here we are ready to celebrate the beginning of another year. When I add up the good versus the bad I honestly believe that despite all the bad things we dealt with in 2007 the good things far outweighed them. Let’s look at some of my life events of 2007.

2007 started with the birth of Lil Man – what a blessing he has been. The Birth of Lil Man

Of course the months of Jan, Feb, March, and April are spent dealing with tax season and 2007 was a successful one.

We took our first ever ENTIRE family vacation. Yes … that means me and my kids (and Lil Man), my sister, her husband, their daughter and son-n-law, and my Mama. Nine of us … for an entire week … held up in one condo … at the beach … what an adventure. Beach Fun

Mama had a couple of surgeries, both major, but the final results improved her health and happiness immensely.

I got the opportunity to attend an IRS show in Anaheim, CA for work which also gave me the opportunity to visit Disney Land and be a kid again which is an experience I will never forget. I Met Goofey!

I was also able to visit Dayton, OH and while that isn’t the greatest place on earth it was a place I would never have gotten to go had it not been for my job so it was a positive experience. Dayton, OH

I witnessed my daughter struggle to give up a serious drug addiction. My Heather

My daughter wrecked and totaled my car – this could have been one of those ‘bad’ things I mentioned BUT it ended up working out for the best in the end. I was able to replace the car with my mini-van and also able to finally get through to Heather that she wasn’t driving my vehicles ever again … and she accepted that without a fight! Gone But Not Forgotten

I saw the first anniversary of being single again … I really don’t mind not having a man in my life anymore. Being single isn’t so bad afterall.

We got Max Lil Man’s Puppy

And Jake Dog # 2

I believe that among everything I experienced this year the best blessings have come from serving the Lord and all of his goodness. Without Christ in my life these other things wouldn’t matter.

Here’s hoping that all of you have a happy and safe New Year. May God richly bless each and everyone of you during the year 2008!


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  1. citystreams
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 18:48:09

    I didn’t realize you had a blog!! I’m so glad to find it :o) Happy New Year’s!

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