Week in Review

It’s been CRAZY this week. We celebrated Lil Man’s 1st birthday, his 1 yr doctor visit and those 1 yr shots … ouch! Of course the wicked stomach bug had to attack my household this week and Stasha still isn’t feeling up to par. She’s the one that takes forever to get over being sick.

Tax season officially kicked off this week so free time is NULL AND VOID. In the past Sunday is the only day of the week I have to look forward to and that usually requires that laundry be done and housework be done, cooking, shopping, etc… WELL I’ve made a decision … I’m NOT doing it this tax season. I will work the required 6 day week, whatever the shift may be, work what extra overtime hours I’m allowed to work in order to reach my financial goal this season, and outside of that I’m NOT being a maid to a home I hardly get to see this time of year.  I’m going to take Sunday OFF.  I’ll go to Church and I’ll cook (just so I’ll have food to eat during the week!), and I’m going to spend any other time I have playing with Lil Man!  He’s growing up way to fast for me to waste time on trivial stuff that will be there when he is grown. So what if I don’t get the laundry finished? So what if my house actually looks like someone lives in it rather than it being spotless?  I can always pile it in the bedrooms and shut the doors right? But one thing I can’t do is make Lil Man little again and enjoy him being a baby … right?? Someone verify that my way of thinking is correct!!!  Please!!!  I can take a week off in the summer to clean my house and put it back in order … OR to play with Lil Man instead!!  Can you tell that I’m a proud Nana?

On to other things …

Life has, for the most part, been good to me.  I’ve had my ups and downs as I’m sure everyone has. I can’t say that one has been any worse than another but I’m fortunate to be where I am in life and to be happy … most of the time. Occasionally I will see something, hear something, or just get a feeling that will bring back a memory then I find myself getting all sentimental and stuff.  This can be a good thing sometimes … other times … I simply drop my head, close my eyes to force away the tears, take a deep breath, sigh, and I just get sad.  I’ll spare you the details but that happened this morning. No matter how much I continue to lie to myself and tell myself I’m good with this mixed emotion situation … it still makes me sad.  I no longer get bitter and angry when it comes to mind … I just get sad and feel lonely.



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