Weird Cravings & NO I’m NOT Pregnant!!

Ya know how sometimes you just, kinda out of no where, get a weird craving? Well … here where I live it’s 9:47am on Tuesday morning and I just got the weirdest craving. I want a Double-Double with cheese, an order of fries, and a strawberry shake. OK OK OK … your saying it’s not weird to crave a flipping cheeseburger for breakfast … YES IT IS … when the only place I know of to get a DOUBLE DOUBLE Cheeseburger is in California, Nevada, or Arizona and I live in NORTH CAROLINA!! I’m not sure what inspired this humongous craving I have for In-N-Out Burger this morning but it is absolutely about to consume my every thought for existence!  If any of you live near In-N-Out Burger … PLEASE go have a burger for me!!



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