Streptococcus Bug

This mean, ruthless, little giant of a creature has decided to move in and attempt to setup housekeeping in my not so happy throat. 45, yep I said 45 years and this is the first time EVER I have this bug come for a visit. I truly think he must have thought he was in love or something darn near like it cause he surely did not want to leave. It’s all going to sound crazy and maybe it is but what I thought on Monday and Tuesday was symptoms leading up to a much unwanted gallbladder attack finally compounded itself to full blown Strep on Wednesday morning. I woke up and honestly thought a heard of elephants had moved into my throat, neck, and head. I was in PAIN! I couldn’t swallow and my throat looked like I had tonsils again and I KNOW those were removed about 41 years ago! When I finally saw a doctor I could barely breath. That alone produced pain. My head felt way too heavy for my neck to support and my ears felt as if there were dancers bouncing upon my eardrums. I wanted to cry, but that too caused pain, so I opted to hold off on the tears until I could get rid of some of the pain.

All this and a nurse comes at my throat with this huge long q-tip looking thing and says “We just need to swab the back of your throat for a strep test”.  All I could think was I know I’m gonna die right here and now. When that fuzzy thing breeds with whatever has taken over my throat it will multiply and before you can remove it my throat and mouth will be nothing but white fuzzy things and creatures that attack in the night while your deep in sleep and totally defenseless to fight them off.  WHEW … swab accomplished and about five minutes later the doctor cheerfully announces that I am Strep positive and that I should avoid contact with people for the next 24 hours which she clarified to say 24 hours from the time I took my first dosage of medication.  Off to the pharmacy then home to bed … right??

Now most of you know that I have PEOPLE living in my home. Two daughters and then there’s Lil Man. Lil Man is not, under any circumstance, going to stay away from his Nana if she is home. 24 hours of Nana being that close, yet being so far away is virtually impossible not to mention that Heather was also celebrating her birthday on Thursday. My bedroom had a revolving door. Lil Man was up on one side of the bed, crawl across to the other side of the bed, then turn around and scoot off backwards into the floor. This is his latest accomplishment and he finds much enjoyment in practicing this skill to perfection. I thought of hanging a sign on the door which said TOXIC – ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK but I knew that would go unseen so why waste the time.

I am feeling back among the land of the living today. I’m back in the office and I’m even going out to dinner with my bestest friend in the whole wide world tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to spend vegging in front of the TV with junk food, movies, and Lil Man.  We do have his pictures made at 3:00pm but that’s an hour tops. Other than that I’ll be completing my recovery from this nasty little giant of a bug called Strep that has invaded my body this past week.  I surely hope the rest of the family doesn’t get this.  They don’t do sick as well as I do **wink**!!


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