Sharing some Blog Love

Heather over at OMSHville is putting on a contest! The winner will receive anything of $40.00 value or less from the way cool Etsy shop called Allison Strine Designs.  All you have to do is share some blog love then link back to her blog to enter. Visit her blog for full details … it really is easy to enter and it’s fun to be able to share some love for the blogs you enjoy visiting.

Now for my who and whys:

First of all I refuse to choose a favorite. I have several that I read on a daily basis and some (OMSH for instance) that I visit multiple times during the course of my day. Why this particular blog? Heather’s blog is creative, informative, funny, and it’s down right ‘down to earth’. She shares her views and/or points of interest and she easy to understand. You can feel the love she has for her family and for life simply by visiting and reading what she has to say. Not to mention that her children are beautiful!

Another blog I visit on a daily basis is Bethany actually. Bethany’s blog, much like Heather’s is easy to follow, fun to ready, and who wouldn’t love keeping up with the daily activity of little Annalie. I’ve also picked up some awesome craft ideas (the cards are excellent) that I’m hoping to be able to use during Vacation Bible School this summer. You can also see or feel the love Bethany has for her family and friends. Again … who wouldn’t want to keep up with Annalie!! She’s absolutely adorable!

My newest blog love is Mandajuice. I followed a link from some other blog to her site but I’m not sure where. The leading post on her blog the day I found it was her first entry about her experience with Gastric Bypass Surgery. I was anxious to read that entry and immediately bookmarked her blog so I could keep up with her entries about her surgery. I’m considering having the same surgery and being able to read about someone else experience helps me decide if this may be right for me. It’s been informative to read how she managed recovery and the lifestyle changes. Again with Mandajuice she mixes her daily life events with the love of her family to create a fun to read blog.

I don’t want to turn this post into a blogroll of all the blogs I read so I’m going to mention one more that I found by chance. I’m not 100% sure what first caught my eye with this blog but it’s one of those where I ended up going back to the oldest post and reading from Day 1 so to speak. Since I never had a problem with infertility I never realized everything that women who do have problems go through to conceive a child. The lady who opened my eyes is Julie. I believe I first caught her blog from something another blogger had linked back to involving the birth of Julie’s son. From that post I went forward and backward for details and WHEW what she has been through … and to still have a sense of humor. Julie presents herself as a woman who has been through hell and back again trying not only to conceive but to ‘keep’ a pregnancy. Her last attempt with IVF has been successful so reading now is keeping informed about how the pregnancy is going while saying a silent prayer that everything will go well for her and her family.

For all those other blogs that I read (most on a daily basis) I’m sending you blog love as well … if your blog wasn’t interesting, informative, and exciting enough to keep up with … well you wouldn’t be a part of my bookmarks **wink**!


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  1. bethany actually
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 15:27:19

    Aw, thanks for the blog love, Lindabelle! I am honored to be named among such great blogs! 🙂

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