Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

I have watched today unfold from the confines of my office which includes three large windows that overlook the parking lot. Florist deliveries have come and gone throughout the day and although the normal work day hours are drawing to a close the florist are still coming and going. The call center floor looks very much like a full blown flower shop decorated with various colors of roses, balloons, and stuffed creatures. I’ve heard several co-workers commenting about their plans for this evening or for the weekend to celebrate the day for lovers. I have also heard some complaining because they have not received above mentioned items. I sit here in my office (which also has none of the above mentioned items) and find that I’m thankful my family members didn’t waste their money on flowers that will eventually wilt and die, balloons that will deflate and be tossed, and stuffed creatures that tend to clutter my room and collect dust. For me … a hug is so much more personal. Hearing someone say “I Love You” and know they mean it … and to hear it on a daily basis versus hearing it once a year means so much more to me than something material that will be only a fleeting thought a few days from now. One day a year dedicated to love!! I do remember when I thought Valentine’s Day should be celebrated in grand style but as I’ve gotten older and ‘things’ have happened in my life which allowed me to value life so much more I find that all of the material things used to celebrate days like today are trivial in comparison to the value of telling someone, or having someone tell you those three famous words “I Love You” and to know they truly mean what they are saying.

Do you agree … or am I being a Valentine’s Day prude? Share your thoughts!


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