When Random Thoughts Become Reality

I guess I should learn to stop having random thoughts huh? Right now I’m rather numb. I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry, be excited or be depressed, be angry or be grateful … I’m just downright not sure how I want to feel or how I should feel. My previous random thoughts were confirmed … once last night and again this morning.

My daughter’s dad took her yesterday afternoon and bought the First Response Pregnancy Test. Not just any box of test but the box which contains TWO test … he wanted to be sure of the results. She took the first test before I got home then called me at work to let me know the test was positive. I was still in doubt until I got home and looked. Sure enough there is one bold pink line and a second really light, almost faint pink line. That second, I can just barely see it line, is the line that says YES, you are pregnant. My thought last night was that the second line was so faint it was in error and the test was actually a negative. I told her we would do the other test first thing this morning. At 7:15am we’re both standing in the bathroom waiting to see what lines showed up. That first bold pink line came up and then nothing … we waited … the instructions say to wait three minutes … we waited … by the start of minute three that really light, almost faint second pink line began to appear.

Part of me is saying “we’ve got a box of bogus, I’m going to play with your mind tests”. Another part of me is saying “I know it’s positive but I’m not going to believe it”. Yet another part of me is saying “both tests is positive and I’ve just got to accept it”. Deep inside a part of me, the part that is being unrealistic, is saying “I really am excited that another little baby is on the way”.

I’m guessing this blog will end up turning into the baby watch/baby update blog. I wish I knew how to update and create this stuff to make it more appropriate … I don’t … so I’ll just mumble through … it’s quiet alright anyway!

Stay tuned and any advice you wanna share please feel free to do so.


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