Family Knows and I’m Dealing as Best I Can

After a total breakdown during Church yesterday morning, a visit to the alter to lay my burden at the foot of the cross, and finally telling my Mama and my sister that Stasha is pregnant again, I’m looking brighter at the future. While I’m still not totally happy and excited about another bundle of joy I’m accepting the fact that God is not going to give us anything we can’t handle. He’s going to be there in time of need and he’s going to give us the strength we need to get through this.

Stasha has been pretty nauseated and extremely fatigued. More so than she was with Peyton. Another scary note is that even this early she has a little belly budge. Actually the little bit of lose skin from her previous pregnancy is already tight and solid. Why does this scare me you ask? Well … let me break down the family tree a bit here for ya …

1. My grandfather’s mother, on my mothers side of the family had 10 sets of twins in his family. Count it … 1, 2, 3, etc… These twins would have been his brothers/sisters had they survived. As it turns out only one set survived.

2. My grandfather then had a daughter, my aunt, who gave birth to a set of twins, unfortunately they were too small and did not make it. This set of twins is my generation.

3. My grandfather’s sister’s daughter, which would be my 2nd cousin, gave birth to twins who are now 18ish. These twins would have also been my generation.

4. The potential for twins born to my generation, thus far, appears to be the ‘skip’ year. Following the family tree enlightens me with the thought that my kids, aka Stasha, could very well be a generation for twins.

Now then … while you’re saying Yeah, but maybe not … let me throw another twist …

5. This new baby that’s just getting started … his father has a set of twin brothers and the history as I understand it for twins in his family is greater than it is in ours.

Just another thing this Nana has to worry about! Thank goodness I’m laughing. I honestly don’t think I could cry anymore. We see the doctor on Thursday and I feel pretty certain that since we are so early he will do the endovaginal sonogram to confirm the pregnancy and estimate a due date. I’m guessing around the end of October or first of November. NO … We are NOT having a Halloween baby!!! LOL

Watch for an update on Thursday.


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