1st Prenatal Visit

Stasha’s pregnancy was confirmed this morning and the first prenatal visit is behind us. Right now we have a due date of 11/05/2008. Today Stasha had all the lab work stuff done, her blood pressure, weight, etc… and of course that infinite list of questions they ask. I’ve found with the nurse in this office that you’re better off to keep it quick and easy because she seems to have no interest at all in the events that are unfolding. If we didn’t like the doctor so much and if we had another obvious choice we probably would not have gone with this doctor the second time around simply because of his nurse. She has no personality what so ever and she’s rather slack in my opinion but we all know what they say about opinions right?? We can’t fault Dr. C because of his nurse. He really is an awesome doctor.

Dr. C took a good deal of time talking to Stasha about what to expect the second time around and he stressed the importance of keeping herself on a healthy track since we know this will be a scheduled C-Section and we want her to be at the best physical condition she can be when that time comes for optimal recovery. He went over the do’s and don’ts … most of which I had forgotten then he told her to come back in next Friday and he would do her first sonogram to get a better idea of how far along she is. If we’re lucky she’ll be far enough along to be able to detect a heartbeat … if not he will follow up with another sonogram a week later.

One thing we have found out is that a local community college is always looking for volunteers to visit their radiology class for sonograms. They ask for a small donation of $5.00 to cover the cost of sono print paper. They will do them as often as she wants to visit. They seem to be really excited about having someone inquiring this early in a pregnancy about the sonogram program and the prospect of being able to follow this pregnancy through to delivery. It would be a great training experience for the techs. They have already asked to do one at 20 weeks for gender determination (they will only tell us if we want to know and of course we do!!) and then to do a 4D at 30 weeks.

Keep watching for updates!!


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