Easter Adventures and First Haircuts

What a cute Lil Man! He was so much fun this year. Lil Man loves Elmo so we got him a red furry basket that looks like Elmo and a bunny that sings “Jesus Loves Me”. We didn’t include a lot of chocolate cause we all know what chocolate does to little ones, BUT he did enjoy the little he did get.

He was even a good sport when we woke up at 6:30am Sunday morning to go to Easter Sunrise Service!!

Go HERE for additional Easter pictures.

Go HERE to see pictures of Lil Man’s first haircut.

Next Easter is going to be real fun with another baby in the house!


Children Who Desperately Need Your Prayers

Today I want to post a few links for children who desperately need to be uplifted in your prayers. These children are all suffering from some form of cancer and while their struggle and fight is a tough battle for them, what you can do for them is the most simple thing known to man … PRAY. Lifting up a child in prayer to the Lord, for me, is such a blessing. To be able to read about these children’s progress, be it good or bad, just to know that they have faith that God can and will heal them is amazing. I encourage you to grab a box of tissue and head on over to the sites listed. Find out who these children are. Find out the battle they are fighting. Find out where their strength comes from. Then … PRAY … pray without end for these children and their families.

Daniel Tomberlin: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/danieltomberlin (I work with Daniel’s daddy … he is truly an amazing little boy)

Gunner Gillespie: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gunnergillespie (Be sure you sign his buddy map and let him know your praying for him)

Paxten Mitchell: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/paxtenmitchell (Paxten’s family has taken him home to enjoy what time they have left with him here on earth. Medically all that could be done, has been done and now they will wait for our Heavenly Father to take care of Paxten.)

Peter Barr: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/peterbarr (Peter got to meet his eternal healer on March 11. His story will continue to touch my heart in knowing this little boy was ready to meet the Lord)

Sinjin Andrukates: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sinjinandrukates

Brayden Harrell: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/braydenharrell

This final link isn’t a child but he too needs your prayers

Charles Tabor: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/charlestabor (Charles lives in my hometown and is fighting a courageous battle while continuing to stay strong for his family.

It’s Definitely A Baby!!


Baby’s First Picture

Stasha had her first sonogram this morning. Everything looks good. Baby measures at exactly 6 weeks and Dr C says he will take the baby at 39 weeks so … 33 weeks to go. It sounds like forever but I know it will be here before everything is ready. That’s OK though. As long as Lil Munchkin is healthy that is all that matter.

Thoughts and Concerns

I finally met the sperm donor for the new baby last night.  I know that sounds harsh but I honestly do not like him. I can’t seem to lay my finger on any particular thing I don’t like … I just don’t like him.  I am a first impression type person and his first impression left a lot to be desired.  I see control freak in him.  I see quick to anger, slow to calm down. I see player in him. I see so many negative things that I’m having trouble seeing anything positive.  I’m sure there are good qualities somewhere but I’m having a world of trouble trying to find them. Maybe I’m being an over protective Mom and Grandma but that’s what we’re here for right? We’re here to protect our young, and their young? Am I right??  Stasha is so vulnerable and she seems to attract the ‘bad boys’ so to speak.  I want what’s best for her and I strive daily to make sure she is healthy, to make sure she takes proper care of herself, and that she is taking proper care of Lil Man but sometimes dangit … I just want to snatch every hair on her head off!  I would never do that of course but some days … ahhh some days…

Hopefully Mr. Sperm Donor will do what I think he will do and walk away. I hate to see her hurt … but I would rather see a broken heart than I had to see a broken spirit and I’m afraid that is what he will do … he will break her spirit and kill her desire to fight for herself.  Once he has the full and total control I see him going for … then he will walk away when she feels she has nothing left to fight for.

Should I stop my worry and concern?  Should I be the one to back him into a corner and just give him a good Mama lashing and let him know what will happen when he hurts my daughter OR my grandson?  GRRRRRR  I hate feeling this way.

Todays Dr Visit

We arrived a few minutes early for Stasha’s doctor visit and scheduled sonogram this morning and we waited … and waited … and waited … and …  you get the picture.  I wanted to stand up and yell that for me time is money but I’m sure they wouldn’t have cared.  One of the girls in the front office finally told us that Dr. C was running just a bit late due to having two deliveries during the night last night.  She said his nurse had tried to call us but was not able to get hold of us due to the number on Stasha’s file being disconnected or no longer in service. I simply said “No, we no longer have a home phone, only a cell and we gave Ms. Nurse that information last Friday during Stasha’s first visit.”  Office girl was not surprised and she changed the number on file and told us it shouldn’t be much longer.

We continued to wait and finally Dr. C and his nurse came into the front office, looked over the desk to make sure we were the only ones in the waiting room and proceeded with his decision for the day.  He first apologized for keeping us waiting and told us he had been at the hospital all night. We couldn’t complain because just over a year ago we had kept him up all night with Stasha and her emergency C-Section with Lil Man so we told him we definitely understood.  He went on to explain that when he went to the computer to calculate her dates that by his calculations she is about 5 weeks and 4 days today which is just a few days short of him being able to really tell anything or to be able to do any measurements and we wouldn’t be able to detect a heartbeat today either since it’s still just a tad early.  He said that if we didn’t mind he was going to wait another week to do the Sonogram and other first ‘big’ prenatal stuff. We were both a little disappointed but we understood and told him we could wait if he thought it would be best so we have another appointment next Friday morning at 9:30 for the Sonogram and ‘stuff’.  He said that by then we should definitely be able to pickup the heartbeat and see more than just a yolk sac.  Stasha was really disappointed but I told her it was best to wait because if they did it today and didn’t get a heartbeat then she would worry herself sick until the next one and it just wasn’t worth the worry.  He did tell her it was good that we came in today though cause Stasha does have a urinary tract infection that needed to be aggressively treated and it couldn’t wait another week.  I had a feeling something like that was going on and she did have a history of them during her pregnancy with Lil Man so I wasn’t surprised and I don’t think she was either.

Continue to drop by … I will update as things happen!