Children Who Desperately Need Your Prayers

Today I want to post a few links for children who desperately need to be uplifted in your prayers. These children are all suffering from some form of cancer and while their struggle and fight is a tough battle for them, what you can do for them is the most simple thing known to man … PRAY. Lifting up a child in prayer to the Lord, for me, is such a blessing. To be able to read about these children’s progress, be it good or bad, just to know that they have faith that God can and will heal them is amazing. I encourage you to grab a box of tissue and head on over to the sites listed. Find out who these children are. Find out the battle they are fighting. Find out where their strength comes from. Then … PRAY … pray without end for these children and their families.

Daniel Tomberlin: (I work with Daniel’s daddy … he is truly an amazing little boy)

Gunner Gillespie: (Be sure you sign his buddy map and let him know your praying for him)

Paxten Mitchell: (Paxten’s family has taken him home to enjoy what time they have left with him here on earth. Medically all that could be done, has been done and now they will wait for our Heavenly Father to take care of Paxten.)

Peter Barr: (Peter got to meet his eternal healer on March 11. His story will continue to touch my heart in knowing this little boy was ready to meet the Lord)

Sinjin Andrukates:

Brayden Harrell:

This final link isn’t a child but he too needs your prayers

Charles Tabor: (Charles lives in my hometown and is fighting a courageous battle while continuing to stay strong for his family.


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