Even a little glitch can cause a lot of trouble

Anyone who has been keeping up with goings on around here knows by now that we’re in baby watch mode again. As per previous posts and updates Stasha is still very early in her pregnancy (9ish weeks). Up to this point everything has sailed right along without really anything to note … UNTIL today … The OB’s office called today to tell us that Stasha’s last pap came back abnormal and they want to do a biopsy during her next visit. Of course instead of talking to me they would only talk with Stasha and she had not a clue what they were talking about or what questions she should ask. She immediately assumed she has cancer and that she is not only going to lose this baby but she’s also going to die. As I mentioned in an earlier post this OB’s nurse is just a little short of intelligent and the only reason we even stay with this doctor is because we really do like him and don’t want to fault him for her ignorance … BUT … you can certainly bet that he will know how I feel when we see him the next time.

Some things you may or may not know about Stasha … she is most of the time a total sweet heart … other times she is like the devil unleashed. Stasha has never really be fully diagnosed with ‘anything’ but she displays a wide array of traits that could easily be diagnosed as Bi-Polar. Stasha has also battled depression in the past and she is also ADHD … this topped with a really hard self-image of herself due to her mild right side CP handicap which she has had from birth. That’s another story within itself. Anywho … Stasha doesn’t process complex things like most people. Rather than thinking logically she gets angry and impatient then immediately bottoms out to the worst possible scenario.

I wish you could have heard the things she said when she called to tell me what ‘Nurse’ had said. Now what ‘Nurse’ actually said may have been totally different but she said it in a way that Stasha perceived that she has cervical cancer … no doubt about it. It took some time for me to make Stasha understand that she does not immediately assume she has cervical cancer just because she has an abnormal pap. I also had to make her understand that she wasn’t going to lose the baby because of an abnormal pap. The she went on a tirade that whatever they were going to do to her at her next appointment would cause her to lose the baby. I had a really tough time explaining to her that her OB would not do anything that would put her baby at risk for miscarriage and he would take care of whatever needed to be taken care of to see that she had another successful pregnancy.

I reminded her of our friend who had an abnormal pap then found out she was pregnant but was told she would never be able to carry the baby to term because of a procedure she needed to have done immediately. She had the procedure and several months later she delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl and 12 months, 9 days later she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. That was the end of her baby days as she required a hysterectomy after TaylorMan was born but she had two babies after her OB told her she wouldn’t have one.

I suggested to Stasha that she not overreact and let’s just wait and see what the results are after the biopsy. Nothing is ever easy with Stasha. I knew these past few weeks of pregnancy with almost no morning sickness and no spotting (which she did have with LilMan) was all to good to be true … but I’m still optimistic that a repeat pap and biopsy is going to reveal that she really doesn’t have anything to worry about and this pregnancy will progress to term with the delivery of another beautiful, happy, healthy baby around the end of October. ***Just in case … keep her in your prayers anyway … would ya?***


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