Just Stuff

I could whine and bicker but I won’t. In the broad aspect of this week I truly can not complain. It’s not been too bad a week. Slow … dragged out … uneventful … pretty much. I do have the weekend off which is kinda rare this time of year. Next week is the final week of tax season … good in some ways … bad in others. I do miss the money I make during the few months of tax season. I’m in pretty good shape for the summer though so I’m not going to worry a whole lot.

Mama had some tests done yesterday which included dilation of her esophagus and hopefully this will keep her from getting choked and coughing all the time. She said she ate dinner last night and didn’t get choked even once. That’s a milestone for my mama!

My niece left on a mission trip to Honduras this morning. This is her sixth trip down and by far the most stressful trip she has ever been on. They are going into a small town/village this time that has never been visited by missionary workers before. This area of Honduras is one of the few areas that still actively practices witchcraft and they believe their ultimate healer is their witch doctor. This area has the highest crime rate of all of Honduras and this is the first time a team has gone into this area to spread the word of God. While you are saying your prayers this week please send up a special little prayer for my niece and the small team of people she is with.

Baby events are uneventful. Lil Man is growing and changing every day. He is SO MUCH FUN! ‘New Baby’ is growing right along. I’ve taken some baby bump pictures but I keep forgetting my camera at home when I head out to the office so I can’t post them but I’ll try to remember to do that next week.

Keep reading … Keep smiling … and remember .. Philippians 4:13 which says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Have a blessed weekend!


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