Works For Me Wednesday – Paper or Towels?

With everyone trying to put more emphasis on ‘Going Green’, and since we are celebrating my Mom’s birthday this week which includes lots of gifts … which leads to lots of pretty wrapping paper being torn from gifts and tossed in the trash (unless you recycle but what good is that? Used once and it’s never really ‘pretty’ for a second … or third …  or … you get the picture!) … I gave some thought to an alternative way of wrapping our gifts for Mama. I tried thinking of stuff that could be reused and it dawned on me that one thing we never seem to have enough of in my house and my Mama is always saying she needs more of is towels. Have you seen the wide variety of colors and styles in towels available? It’s amazing and the variety you could come up with and save the waste of paper thus cutting down on the amount of trash as well as saving a tree! For Mama’s birthday gift, and any future gifts that require wrapping I’m going to use something that can be beneficial to the household afterwards … ie: birthday gifts I’ll wrap in bath towels or beach towels, household/bridal shower gifts I’ll wrap in kitchen towels, baby shower gifts I’ll wrap in receiving blankets … I’m sure you get the picture.  Any gift wrapped in reusable items and tied with a lovely bow … I believe … would be well received and enjoyed for quiet some time, not to mention cutting down on the trash to be thrown out.

Your thoughts??


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  1. Rhi
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 09:56:12

    I think that’s a great idea. Here’s what I did for a friend’s baby shower:

    Also, have you seen these: (scroll all the way down)

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