ER – The Season Finale

What an endingDo you watch ER? I do and I have for … well … how long has it been on? Sometimes it’s really exciting, other times it leaves me wondering why I lost an hour of sleep. Last night, however I was left anxious … I’m ready for the new shows to start in the fall just to find out who is/was inside the ambulance, Pratt or Sam … and what happened to Abby? The season finale episode last night was without a doubt the most intense I have ever watched on any show. The show itself was sorta slow to start but every scene left me asking a question that I knew would be answered within the next couple of scenes so I stayed interested. When the bumper sticker was shown on the bumper of the ambulance I knew there would be some significance but I wasn’t sure what it would be until the very end … when they showed the ambulance out on the street, away from the hospital, and zoomed to the bumper sticker again … I knew a ‘life changing’ event was about to occur … and it did … In the event that you missed it make sure you check out the two minute clip on the NBC website to see what I’m talking about. ER is one of those shows that you can miss a couple of weeks but pick right back up when you start watching it again … almost. If I miss an episode I’m sometimes left wondering who did what, or what happened, or where someone ended up but the answers to those questions will eventually be answered.


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  1. Angie McDowell Garza
    May 17, 2008 @ 17:54:23

    I loved this episode? Pratt or Sam? Is Abby okay? Now, we have to wait 3 months to see what happens. ang

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