To Move or To Stay Put

THAT is the million dollar question I keep asking myself.  While I was growing up I lived in a two bedroom, one bath, single-wide trailer with my Mom and my sister. After I was married, the first time, my now Ex-husband and I lived in that very same trailer for almost 12 years. A day came when I decided I’d had enough and I moved on. After that I lived in a four bedroom 1 1/2 bath house with a full basement for a number of years with my now second Ex-husband, my girls, and his boys. That ended on a really horrible note and I found myself looking quickly for a place my girls and I could call home. I had to ‘pacify’ the Ex’s family until I finished college and had a job which meant I had to suck up to them so the mortgage payments on the house would continue to be made until I could complete my task at hand and get the *&%$ out of there.  (During the last few months of In-Law suck up the Ex was in prison and had set aside the 401K money he got when he lost his job to make the house payments until I got out of school and started work … he was STUPID enough to believe that I would be waiting when he got out of prision!!).

Anyway … I ended up moving a four bedroom house into a two bedroom apartment where we have lived for almost 8 years. The girls were younger and smaller and there was only three of us so it all worked out. It’s been an OK, but not exactly perfect … until now. With the addition of Lil Man and with him growing and getting so active we are totally out of space.

Now my problem … We have the opportunity to move into a double wide which features three bedrooms, two baths, living, dining, kitchen, and laundry room with a huge yard that Lil Man would absolutely love. It offers so much more than what we have now … BUT … with it also comes headaches that I don’t have where we live now.  The apartment requires no outside work so no grass to cut and no shrubs to trim and my van never has to leave pavement. The drive into the double wide is gravel. The apartment also has no maintenance upkeep. In other words, if it breaks I leave a note in the office door and when I come home … it’s fixed! No additional charge!  The double wide would require that I purchase a lawn mower and actually cut the grass and if something breaks I have to call a repairman, wait for Lord only knows how long to get it fixed, THEN pay out the wazoo for getting it fixed.

Double wide offers space, luxury, and play space.

Apartment offers security and prevents me from having to do things I really hate doing, like mowing the grass and worrying about repairs.

What would you do … while deciding keep in mind that it would require some work to move into the double wide. The last tenants were less that perfect renters and the owner is willing to offer repair expenses in lieu of rent and allow me to decorate any way I want AND he is also willing to help clean up outside … which is the thing I hate doing the most … my rent, once expenses were used up would only be about $100.00 more than what I am paying now and it would be rent-to-own … AND to throw in one last twist … the owner of the double wide is none other than my FIRST Ex-husband …

NOW … what would you do?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rhi
    Jun 02, 2008 @ 15:08:28

    Oh dear. I am currently in the process of buying my first home and the first thing my dad reminded me of is, “you know when the toilet breaks? THERE IS NOBODY TO CALL.” To which I replied, “Yes, there is, I’ll just call you!”

    I like the rent to own option, honestly, even if it’s a bit more work and a bit more money. Also, if you need help with the yard, or outside work after a while, what about finding a nice teenager at church who needs some extra cash?

  2. citystreams
    Jun 02, 2008 @ 21:35:18

    My goodness! You threw in that part about the first ex-husband right at the end there. I think you should keep looking. Don’t get mixed up with exes. It will just add confusion to an already confusing situation.

    Can you find a duplex for rent nearby? Then you get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

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  4. Gregg Jones
    Jun 27, 2008 @ 11:33:12

    Dont do it – don’t get under the ex. Find something that is more clear for you, spiritually.

  5. Allysa
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 20:08:40

    so what did you do?

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