We’ve been busy … We’ve been sick … We’re going to be even busier with the week to come …

And this all leads to simple post that I will try to make happen in a quick and easy fashion.

I’ve posted several new pictures which I’ve yet to organize … HEY at least they are posted.

I lost two days in my life last week … I know I was alive but the details are still real sketchy … I’m feeling much better now.

Heather has been seriously struggling with heat exhaustion and working as head cook in a kitchen without air conditioning doesn’t help. She’s working on combating the lack of AC with other measures, best of which has been ice towel wraps and lots of Gatorade.

Lil Man dealt with some heat exhaustion of his own last night. He’s much better today.

Vacation Bible School started at Church last night … we’re thankful it’s all inside, our Church has an awesome AC system … AND the ladies in the Church welcome not having to cook dinner for a week! I’ll post more later.

For now … enjoy the newly added pictures and I’ll do some detail posting when things settle back down … AND blog about my upside down tomato plant with pictures to be included!!


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