Long? Yes! Boring? I hope not!

I promised last week to catch up on what’s been going on. It’s been wild and crazy but I believe I foresee some peace on the horizon. That ultimately remains to be seen but one can certainly hope. I’m going to take time today to update you faithful readers on what’s been going on in my world over the past couple of weeks or so.

Where to begin …

The first thing that excites me the most was our very successful week of Vacation Bible School. We took off to “Outrigger Island” where we spent a week in tropical paradise learning about God and receiving the blessings he has for us. We averaged over 200 in attendance every night and the events came to a close with the announcement that six young children had received Christ as their Lord and Savior during the week. We had family night on Thursday due to our high school graduation being on Friday night. Family night was great. We had a huge turnout and after parents visited their child’s respective classroom they were invited to join us in the fellowship hall for refreshments and a chance to visit with folks you may not see on a regular basis. Fun was had by all.

On a not so pleasant note … Week before last I got really sick and I’m still a little blurry on the events of a couple of days during that week. I was at the office on Wednesday, having a good day, felt like a charm with no complaints … when out of nowhere I felt like I had been blindsided by a Mack truck. Everything around me got really vague and while I knew where I was and knew what was going on it all felt surreal. I’ve been on blood pressure medicine and in my infinite wisdom I’m still denying that I have blood pressure issues so I pretty much insisted that my blood pressure was too low and it was my doctor’s fault for putting me on medicine I didn’t need or want. My big boss decided that with the way I felt trying to get me to a car then to the ER was to risky and the only option, if I was planning on moving from my desk, was EMS so they proceeded to call 911. When the EMS crew arrived the first thing they did was check my BP and I was surprised to find that it was THROUGH THE ROOF! Their first check was like 160/110. They loaded me in the back of the ambulance and started their usual protocol and checked my bp again. It was still raging at like 160/90. They got me to the hospital ER where I was hooked up to a machine that measured my BP every 15 minutes and it kinda hovered between the 160/90 up to 180/120 for about 2 hours. My head was pounding and I was less aware of my surroundings. I was scared to death. My world was spinning, my head continued to pound, I was feeling nauseated, and my body felt like waves of heat were rippling through me from the inside out. They finally turned the lights out and turned the AC down low so the room would cool down. While everyone who came into the room made a comment about the chill I was still burning up and had perspiration breaking out on my forehead and upper lip. They started doing lab work, EKG’s, and other tests to determine what was going on. After about four hours of laying there my BP came down to normal, my headache eased off, but my world was still spinning and I was still feeling the heat wave although I was not running a fever. As all of my test results came back normal the doctor’s final diagnosis was Vertigo. Go flippin figure … some crazy little ‘something’ in my inner ear had me rocking and reeling to no end. He gave me medicine and sent me home. The remainder of Wednesday and all day Thursday is a blur. I sat up most of the day Friday but I had NO energy … mark that negative …zero … zilch … I didn’t even have the energy to lift a drink to my lips. Saturday improved, Sunday was much better but I was still without energy. It’s taken till now for me to really start feeling human again. The doctor’s diagnosed it as Vertigo … I diagnosed it as stress and over exertion. Why?? Read on …

Per a previous post I was trying to decide on moving. OH MY at the stress of trying to weigh the pros and cons of making this kind of decision. On top of that, having a hard headed teenager who just can’t grasp the concept of where money comes from or the fact that I don’t have any didn’t help matters any. She thought that since I had even given moving a thought and that I had looked at flooring, washers, dryers, paint, wallpaper, etc … well she thought that we just had to move since we had done all that. She didn’t even stop to think or even care that all ‘that’ required money which I didn’t have to just lay out there, not to even mention the added expense of higher rent, insurance, taxes, etc… ALL stuff I didn’t want to be a part of but was being pressured into doing. I finally set my foot down and stood my ground and said …. NO! So … we are not moving … we are going to stay put in our nice, little, two bedroom apartment that is in town, well maintained, convenient to anything or anywhere I need to be, and last but not least allows me to do this …

Upside down you say?Staying in my apartment allows me to grow my upside down tomato plant. I don’t have room for anything else but in due time I will have my own home grown tomatoes.

Several days ago Heather, over at OMSH , commented about growing upside down tomatoes. I responded to her post and also promised photos. With everything being as hectic as they have been I’m just now getting a chance to post pictures of my plant. I didn’t plant anything in the top of my basket because I wasn’t sure if this process would even work and I didn’t want to waste money until I found out.

My girls thought and still think I’m nuts because they believe that tomatoes grow upright, in the ground and not upside down in baskets on the balcony but I’ve proved them wrong and shown them that YES you can in fact grow tomatoes upside down without a lot of work. It took all of 10 minutes to prepare the basket, add the plant, and fill the basket with potting soil and water. The results have been … well see for yourself. More pictures are available here.  As for upkeep … little to none.  The only upkeep I’ve had thus far is to remember to add water every night so that it doesn’t get thirsty and die.  I’m horrible with living plants and I believe that is way my girls are having so much fun with this. They tell me daily that my tomato will die because I fail at trying to raise artificial plants … hahahaha!

I think that maybe next summer I’m going to try bell peppers, cucumbers, more tomatoes, and maybe even a squash plant. With hindsight I’ll probably at least plant cilantro in top of the tomato basket … would be great for making salsa!!

Last but not least … work … Work is great this time of year. Tax season is over and the call center has slowed down a lot. Some travel is in the works. Next week I go to Dayton, OH for a few days. I’ll be traveling with two of my co-workers. I like them both a lot and look forward to spending a few days out of the office with them. Although the trip is work related it’s still nice to get away for a few days and not have the hustle and bustle of home to contend with. There is always a lot to be learned when we visit with the company we are going to see. Dayton is a unique, quaint little place to visit. Wouldn’t want to live there but a couple days isn’t bad.

God Bless to all … hope you are enjoying your summer!


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  1. Liliana Stevenson
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 02:03:14

    No wonder why Themelis Cuiper’s SocialGarden Business happenings of smm & B2B gave me a bookmark to this blog page, you are doing a brilliant job as he is pointing towards you!

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