Leaving Town

I have mixed feeling about the trip I’m getting ready to take. It’s business, not pleasure … not the prime location … and definitely not somewhere a person would just go for vacation. Great architecture, some history, but that’s about it. I’ve been there once and was somewhat impressed but it’s not a place you really care anything about visiting more than once or maybe twice. I will however be traveling with some awesome co-workers and the people we will be visiting are nice people so thats a plus … I just wish it was a different city … not to mention that I’m just not in the mood to fly.  While I love flying … just not today …

Wonder if my mixed feelings have anything to do with having a little boy wake up early this morning to help Nana pack and having him pull things from my luggage and say stuff like ‘nite nite’ and ‘bye bye’ and ‘Nanee go nite nite bye bye’ all while displaying the most curious look on his precious little face … OH how it broke my heart to have that precious little boy walk me to the door and reach up to give me a hug before I left. I will be back on Friday night … but for me if feels like an eternity.


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