Taking a Break to Update

Busy, Busy, Busy … that’s about all I can say to cover the past several days. Not the kind of busy that leaves you terribly exhausted without anything to really show for it but the kind of busy that absolutely wears you out and leaves you feeling accomplished … that’s the busy I’ve had.

I took last Thursday off and Friday was a paid vacation day for me. I had planned some time ago to make the 4th of July weekend an extended one but not for the purpose of vacation and relaxation. Eight years ago this month I moved into my apartment. On the side of my balcony is a storage building that is about 6 ft X 4 ft X 10ft or so. Inside that storage building was a multitude of my junk, sure to be someone elses treasure. I spent THREE days going through dang near every box and bag there was packed away, some which had been there for the entire eight years. I pretty much decided if it had been packed away that long I had no need for it now and it had to GO.  My end result is a neat and clean storage building which now holds only the necessities such as Christmas decorations, tools, and some supplies we may need in the event of an extened power outage or sever weather. Now, sitting in the opposite corner of my balcony, waiting for the 19th of July to get here is a total of 11 boxes filled with items that I will hopefully find a new home for during my upcoming yardsale. These boxes include baby clothes, adult clothes, maternity clothes, toys, what-nots, shoes, socks, stuff that at one time held sentimental value but are now just plain old junk … or at least it’s junk in my eyes.  I have a three day weekend planned again for this coming weekend where I plan to tackle the closet in my bedroom. Behind the closet door is this little storage area that is consumed with yet more junk that has been packed away since we moved in. Don’t even get me started on the other clutter that has built up over the years. I’m guessing that by the time we finish my closet there will be another six or seven boxes of yard sale ‘stuff’ to join the other 11 boxes currently residing on my balcony. If time permits the dresser drawers will be cleaned, under my bed will be cleaned, and hopefully (fingers crossed) the cabinets under my bathroom sink will find some organization.  If I’m feeling real lucky I may even get the cabinet under the kitchen sink cleaned out.

All this work is leading up to a huge family yard sale we have planned for the 19th of July. I’ve always had great success with every yard sale I’ve ever had and I’m hoping this one will be also.  We have a lot of Hispanic people who live in this area and they seem to swarm down upon yard sales that are convenient and those advertised as having clothing. They buy any and all sizes you may have and ask for more. I never really understood why and one day I asked … The last yard sale I had consisted primarly of newborn baby stuff up to about 6-9 months stuff. I also had a few pieces of junior size clothing and quiet a bit of just general baby stuff.  An older Hispanic couple showed up and bought about 3/4 of everything I had. It was obvious they were past the age of having babies so being curious as I am I asked why they wanted all the baby stuff. They said they go to yard sales where they can buy good clothing for a small price and they send it to their family members back home who are unable to purchase these things for themselves.  Makes sense and I’m hoping to have the same luck this time around.

What else is going on …

During a recent post I was heading out of town on a business trip. I wasn’t really looking forward to going but it was a successful trip. The company we went to visit is really a great group of people and they are relatively easy to work with. They are open to our suggestions and we can communicate with them, with ease.  That trip has lead up to another trip in order to do some training of their staff. This trip is scheduled for July 21 -25.  We have a lot of work to do prior to leaving so we will be prepared for the traning sessions planned.  My stress level is running pretty high right now but that’s OK too. I enjoy the pressure and I enjoy actually having something productive to do this time of year. I’m not sure how I’ll feel by the time that travel week is over though … a week without Lil Man may be more than I’m ready to handle.  Two or three days is tough … five days … may not be possible … I wonder if I can pack him in my bags and take him with me … hmmmm


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