On The Road Again …

With two of my favorite co-workers! This time we’re making it a road trip so no airport hullablue to deal with. We’re driving to Dayton, OH to spend this week with one of our clients.  I believe this will be a growing experience for our relationship with this company as well as us as co-workers.  Amanda and Jared are two of the funniest people you would ever want to meet. They are both also very intelligent people and their knowledge of the subjects we will be discussing spans across several years of excellent service with the company we work for. I could only think of one or two things that would make this trip totally and completely perfect … Cody for one … Cody combined with Amanda and Jared and you never have to face a dull moment. He too is tops when it comes to the job he does.  I’ll miss Cody this week!  If I could take Lil Man with me … my week would be complete.  I had to walk away this morning before I cried. He sat up in bed with the cutest grin this morning. When I reached for him to give him hugs and kisses he just laid down and curled back up beside his mama. He knew Nanee was leaving and he didn’t like it. I’m sure he will be fine but I’m gonna miss my Lil Man lovin this week.

I’ll post and update from the road … I’m still working through the previous post (Decisions, Decisions) so don’t give up … you will eventually see a post letting you know what my final decision is … stay tuned!


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