No Turning Back … We’re Finally Ready

Beginning about 5:30pm this afternoon we will official start packing and moving. I truly should have been packed by now but I’ve simply been focused in other directions. Time is up for procrastination. I will spend most of tonight and tomorrow packing up my little two bedroom apartment. We pick up the moving truck at 4pm tomorrow and a crew of wonderul, awesome, men from our church will be at the apartment around 5:30 to load everything up for the move across town where they will in turn, unload the truck and we’ll take up residence in our new home.

My mind is whirling. I have so many fine details I have to remember. Things like … everyone needs to pack a small overnight bag and put it in my van rather than in the moving truck … everyone’s bedding needs to be in my van instead of the truck … Lil Man’s cups, juice, snacks, diapers, wipes, etc needs to be in my van rather than in the truck … little stuff that will make it possible for us to sleep in the new house Thursday night among all the boxes and such that we’ll unpack over the weekend.

We’ll be without TV until at least Wednesday. Because of the rain this week the satellite people are a little behind and Wednesday is the earliest they can come out to install our service. Theres a few things I’m sweating … I’ll miss Big Brother on Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday but hopefully I’ll catch up with those on the internet. On Monday night the season premier of Prison Break is on and I can’t catch up with that on the internet so I’m trusting that someone will record it for me to watch later and then there is Handy Manny and Playhouse Disney that Lil Man enjoys in the mornings but luckily with the new house he will have so much room to run and play he won’t even realize we don’t have TV … not that he watches that much of it anyway.

Washer and Dryer was delivered this morning, we have 2 1/2 doors left to hang in the master bedroom and we still need to hang the blinds but that will have to wait until after we complete the  move on Thursday night. We’ll deal with no doors and no blinds … what we can’t deal with is having something interrupt our move for this weekend.

I promise pictures next week … have a save Labor Day weekend and I’ll c’ya on Tuesday!


I Was Able to Overcome My Stubborn Streak

And as a result I postponed our move a few more days.  Let’s start at the beginning …

I took off a half day Friday to pack and move but when I got home my course of action was quickly changed. I walked into the apartment and was met by a very unhappy Lil Man. A quick cuddle told me that something wasn’t right and what I initially thought was some sort of allergy or maybe a little cold or possibly due to teething was in fact something more and should probably be addressed by a medical professional instead of his Nana. After spending the majority of the afternoon at the Urgent Care center since Lil Man’s doctor’s office was closed for the day we found out that our precious little boy was battling double ear infections. The doctor at Urgent Care said his ears were more than infected … she said they are ‘screaming’.  No wonder his usual happy demeanor had turned to stone.  He’s feeling much better now and is starting to get back to normal but needless to say not much packing got done and moving was definitely put on hold. Cuddling that precious little boy was more important than packing any box.

The move however is still going to happen … Thursday we are loading up and moving out. There are several men coming from our Church to help us load the truck and then they will follow us to the new house and help unload the truck.  I spent the bulk of my weekend cleaning and have almost finished getting the new place ready to move in.  My best friend’s husband was going down yesterday to hang the doors, install the hardware, hang the blinds, install the new ceiling fan in the living room, and install the new kitchen faucet. I’m going tonight to finish cleaning the kitchen and haul off all the accumulated junk from the weekend, mop the kitchen floor, and clean the laundry room so the new washer and dryer can be delivered on Wednesday. It’s going to be a busy week but we are definitely closer to making the move than we were this time last week and I find that I am less stressed than I was last week. Maybe putting it off another week has been a good thing … not to mention that I have a five day weekend coming up which gives me plenty of time to move, unpack, and even clean up the old place before returning to work on Tuesday!

Stay tuned for photo updates … I will have pictures coming of the new place and pictures of my tomato plant that finally has ripened tomatoes!

The Next Few Days …

Are going to be filled with packing, unpacking, cleaning, trashing, cleaning some more, settling in, and all that other good stuff that goes along with trying to get moved.  Timing is always important to me and I’m feeling a bit rushed at the moment. I’ve done a lot of work this summer to unclutter my current living space but now that it’s time to start packing up to move to a new place I find that I still have a lot of ‘junk’ that needs to be addressed and I don’t have all the time in the world to deal with it.  I’ve put these time constraints on me all by myself and I’m too danged stubborn to change them … that said …

Tonight I pack, and pack, and pack … and … well you get the picture. I’ve got a home that I have lived in for eight years to pack up between tonight and about 1/2 day tomorrow so it will be ready to load into the moving truck tomorrow evening when it arrives around 5pm.  OH and the home we are moving to … still needs carpeting installed in one room, still needs the interior doors rehung and hardware replaced on said doors, still needs blinds on the windows, still needs a washer & dryer delivered, still needs a satelite delivered and setup, still needs a lot of busy work to be done and last but not least it needs my scrubbing and cleaning before it will feel like home.  Unfortunately I’m down to the wire and a lot of this is going to have to be done post move. I still have to allow enough time to actually clean the current place so that I hopefully have a chance for getting back my security deposit. Not to mention that I’m not sure yet if my landlord is going to hold me to a 30 day notice.  I really don’t want to pay rent at the apartment again then have to figure out where a house payment is going to come from too.  It won’t be a major struggle but I’d rather not have to do it.

Anyone feeling froggy and energetic … gracious maybe?? If time allows I’ll take pictures and post them sometime after we are settled … another delima I have to face is what in the world am I going to do with my tomato plant??!! I have no where to hang  it at the new house and I honestly don’t known how I’m going to transport it and keep it in one piece. Stay tuned for more on that also … till then … have a good weekend and say a few prayers.

Baby News & Decisions Made

Which one do I want to talk about first. Hmmmm … Let’s see … I think I will choose BABY, for me that seems most important right now and it honestly has nothing to do with ‘Decision Made’. ‘Decision Made’ was made before we even knew about baby.

Here goes … Heather saw her OB yesterday and at her request I went with her. She is grown but she still wants her mama to be there, how wonderfully lucky I am! Dr B. did the usual first prenatal visit exam then sat and talked with us about what to expect and how he was going to follow her pregnancy.  There is some concern because of the Hida Scan but he said that if anything dreadful was going to happen as a result of this scan it most likely would happen within the next few weeks. He feels certain that four more weeks will get her past that initial ‘scary’ 1st trimester and we could stop holding our breath every minute of the day.  He asked her how she felt in general and she told him that outside of the extreme fatigue, the breast tenderness (so much so that she about cried when he did a breast exam), and the nausea she felt pretty good.  He smiled really big and said “GOOD, all of that is signs of a good pregnancy.” He told her these symptoms are all normal in the early stages of pregnancy and it tells him that her hormones are high as they should be when a pregnancy is good.  This made me think back to when Stasha lost her baby in April … she had absolutely NO symptoms of pregnancy other than a missed period … totally the opposite of what she went through with Lil Man when she was dreadfully sick, sore, and slept all the blasted time … when she wasn’t throwing up.  Anyway Heather is doing good. There haven’t been any gallbladder attacks to speak of in the past week and it appears to be related to really watching her diet and taking better care of herself . Hopefully her gallbladder won’t rear it’s ugly head again and we can get though this pregnancy without having to do surgery then get her gallbladder out as soon as the baby gets here.  No sonogram this time but expect one in four weeks.

Now for ‘Decisons Made’ … I have posted a couple of different times previously about making decisons that could change lives forever … mine and others. Well I have made my decisions. This subject within itself could create a book but I’ll be brief and answer questions later.

My first decision and the one that is most life changing … My X-husband (the girls father) and I have reunited and we are making plans for our future together.  I’m still not 100% sure how it happened … but it has … I’m happy … the girls are happy … he’s happy … Lil Man is totally confused as to why Papaw is always around now but he’s loving the idea … … so there … BIG Decison … made … and a done deal!

My second decision and one that I knew would have to come eventually so better late than never … We are moving. Not to another city, town, or state … but to a larger home in a more rural part of the county we live in. Where I live now I am 2-3 minutes from anything I would ever need.  I live right in town. Where we are moving is about 10 minutes from town but it offers us a lot of the things we don’t have at the apartment. It offers us three bedrooms instead of two. It offers two full baths (one with an elegant garden tub) instead of one. It offers a HUGE kitchen and a dining room. Right now my dining room has been turned into a bed room for Lil Man and his mama. It also offers a much larger living room with a gas log fireplace. All of which is very, very nice but the ultimate is the fact that it offers both a front porch and a back porch to sit on and a big yard for Lil Man to play.  We are excited about moving. New flooring is being put down this weekend and we will start moving next week. It’s going to be a chore but I’m up for the challenge and look forward to all of us starting our new lives together.

Your prayers are appreciated as we begin this new phase of our lives.  Any questions … please ask!!

Gallbladder Surgery You Say

Well that was our intent!  If you read my blog then you know I posted last Thursday about my daughter’s gallbladder surgery that was scheduled for Friday morning. What you will also notice is that I am just now getting to update about her surgery. I have failed to do so before now because her surgery didn’t happen!!

YEP … I was as confused as you are when the surgeon told me they were going to have to postpone the surgery for a while and the look on Heather’s face absolutely scared me to death.  I will start from the beginning …

We got up early Friday morning and headed to the Same Day Surgery unit. We arrived promptly at 8am and was ushered into a room where Heather was asked to put on the hospital gown and she was also told they needed a urine sample. Once this was all done they proceeded to start an IV and to also give her an IV antibiotic. Her nurse had also put a little patch behind her ear to help with the nausea she has been experiencing for about three months now. Another nurse brought in a pair of TED hose and we got those put on her legs. Everything was done and Heather was ready for surgery. All we had to do was wait for her turn.  We waited … and waited … and then Heather’s nurse came in and took the patch off from behind her ear. We thought that was odd since she had already told Heather that it could stay on for 24 hours and would help reduce any post surgical nausea that she may have. The nurse explained it by saying that since Heather experiences some allergic reactions to adhesive materials they are going to Plan B for treating the nausea. Heather asked her want Plan B was and she said she didn’t know yet and we would have to wait for the doctor to find out.

A few minutes later Dr. R come strolling in and asked that all of us who was with Heather please step out of the room so he could talk with her. We obliged and after a few minutes he cracked open the door and asked me to rejoin them. I did and I was mortified by the look on Heather’s face. She looked like someone had just given her a death sentence. She was crying uncontrollably and I just about lost it!  Dr. R began his doctor spill explaining to me that he wouldn’t be doing the surgery and when I asked why he proceeded to tell me that before they do any type of surgery on a female of child bearing years they are required by law to first do a pregnancy test … and … well … I think you’ve figured out the rest … The urine test they did when we first arrived … was positive … Heather is pregnant!!

After the initial shock wore off we went into panic mode which is where we have been ever since.  Dr. R followed through and got Heather setup with the OB of our choice and he is seeing her on an emergency type basis this Wednesday.  Our fears are in all of the testing Heather has been through the past few weeks as well as her having a non-functioning gallbladder and how all of this is going to play out in a pregnancy.  We’re also not 100% sure how far along she is. A tenative due date based on her last period is around March 26, 2009 but since Heather’s periods have never been truly regular it’s hard to say.  She had a normal period in June then something that resembled the very end of a period in July so she just figured that July was an off month for her period and gave it no other thought. None of the other health care people she has been in contact with had reason to believe she was pregnant so pregnancy testing just didn’t happen.  We’re praying that everything will be OK and if it isn’t … then we will deal with it as we need to.  We see the OB on Wednesday and I’ll try to update Thursday and let you all know what we found out … till then … say a few prayers.

Heather’s Surgery

In a previous post I mentioned updating about Heather’s pending surgery.  For about three months now Heather has been miserable. The nausea, vomiting, pain, and discomfort has been impossible for her and not real pleasant for the rest of us either. There has been multiple trips to the doctor, to the Urgent Care Center, and to the ER with no results. She has had every test known to man and she has been told that it was caused from a virus, next was a urinary tract infection, and she even had a &*&hole of a doctor tell her the only thing wrong with her is that she was FAT and her liver was shutting down and she was going to die. (I’d really like to get my hands on that man!)

Anyway … she called me last Tuesday morning and begged me to help her die. She said she couldn’t stand the pain anymore and the vomiting was unbearable. She had actually started vomiting what looked like green pea soup. (forgive the graphic description!) We were finally able to get her into a doctor who would listen and cared about her as a person.  After a good bit of conversation and an examination Dr. Ella told Heather without a doubt it was her gallbladder that was causing the problem.  Heather had been through the gallbladder ultrasound, abdominal X-rays, and even had an abdominal CT scan. All of the results from those test were inconclusive as to what was causing her problem. The last time she was in the ER the doctor on call felt sure we would see gallstones but there were none .. nilch .. nary one. He told us of another test they could do but he was not able to order that particular test from the ER and she would need to see her primary care physician.  I forgot to mention that Heather doesn’t have a primary physican AND she doesn’t have health insurance. It’s one of those unfortunate things where her employeer doesn’t provide health insurance and Heather just doesn’t make the kind of money needed to have a private health insurance. What this medical procedure is going to cost is less that what her premiums would be for a year on a private health policy so she just never went forth with getting one.

Anyway … back to the story at hand … Drl Ella knew Heather needed the Hida Scan.  She said that since all other tests has revealed that Heather didn’t have gallstones they wouldn’t show the activity of the gallbladder and in Heather’s case her gallbladder just isn’t functioning properly and the Hida Scan would be able to show the ejection fraction or amount of ‘stuff’ going through her gallbladder.  Dr. Ella said the ejection fraction on a normally functioning gallbladder is around 35-40% but she suspected Heather’s would be more like 10%.  Heather had this test done last Wednesday morning and the results showed a 9.9% ejection fraction or basically … Heather’s gallbladder is not functioning at all.

All that said to tell you this … Heather is having surgery to remove her gallbladder tomorrow morning. She is scheduled to be at the Same Day Surgery center at 8am with surgery around 9ish.  Heather is actually excited to get this over with and be able to get back to a normal life.

We have a busy weekend that we will approach slowly and with caution all pending the outcome of her surgery. I will post more about that next week … ALSO … I will be making a formal anouncement next week about this post … I’ve made my decision … stay tuned!

Upside Down Tomato Plant

Way back in May I was pleased to find out that I wasn’t the only one who had an interest in upside down tomatoes.  Heather over at Oh My Stinkin Heck had a post about them as well. I was all too excited to share my interest about growing tomatoes, in a basket, planted upside down.  You ask … Why in the world would you want to do something like that?  Well my reason for the upside down growth is space.  I currently live in a second floor apartment.  I have a wonderful balcony but I don’t have any ground to call my own which means I don’t have the ability to grow things the way most people would. I also can’t plant them in a box or barrel because I have this wonderful, sweet, loving little boy living in my house that likes to play in dirt so everything I would plant, he would quickly remove and dispose of so he could get to the dirt.

So … I decided that I love fresh tomato sandwiches … those you make from a freshly picked tomato, while it is still warm from the sun. The only way to have one of those is to grow your own tomato and pick it when it is just ripe enough to be sweet and juicy and warmed by the heat of the day.  In order to do that I would have only one option and that was to hang it from the rafters so to speak so Lil Man couldn’t get hold of it.  I accomplished this by purchasing one of those hanging wire baskets with the coconut shell lining. The basket I bought had the perfect size hole in the bottom and all I had to do was cut the coconut liner down the side, cut a small hole in the bottom of it, place the tomato plant through the hole, up into the basket and wrap the coconut liner around the stem right about the first leaves.  I then filled the basket with Miracle Grow potting soil, added sufficient water, and hung the basket from a hook placed on the eve of my balcony.  I continued to water my plant every night and soon it began to grow and after several weeks of water and TLC it has started bearing fruit.  I have a total of 6 tomatoes growing now and there are some fresh blooms which will eventually lead to more tomatoes. You can see photos here.

My daughters, and several of my neighbors think I’m insane … so be it … I can’t wait till the harvest of my first ripe, sweet, juicy, red tomato. I think I may invite all of my neighbors who have laughed about my plant over to my place so they can watch me devour the fruit of my harvest while they salivate and wish they too would have planted an upside down plant!!

Next summer I’m shooting for planting a cucumber plant, a sweet pepper plant, a jalapeno plant, and some cilantro.