Heather’s Surgery

In a previous post I mentioned updating about Heather’s pending surgery.  For about three months now Heather has been miserable. The nausea, vomiting, pain, and discomfort has been impossible for her and not real pleasant for the rest of us either. There has been multiple trips to the doctor, to the Urgent Care Center, and to the ER with no results. She has had every test known to man and she has been told that it was caused from a virus, next was a urinary tract infection, and she even had a &*&hole of a doctor tell her the only thing wrong with her is that she was FAT and her liver was shutting down and she was going to die. (I’d really like to get my hands on that man!)

Anyway … she called me last Tuesday morning and begged me to help her die. She said she couldn’t stand the pain anymore and the vomiting was unbearable. She had actually started vomiting what looked like green pea soup. (forgive the graphic description!) We were finally able to get her into a doctor who would listen and cared about her as a person.  After a good bit of conversation and an examination Dr. Ella told Heather without a doubt it was her gallbladder that was causing the problem.  Heather had been through the gallbladder ultrasound, abdominal X-rays, and even had an abdominal CT scan. All of the results from those test were inconclusive as to what was causing her problem. The last time she was in the ER the doctor on call felt sure we would see gallstones but there were none .. nilch .. nary one. He told us of another test they could do but he was not able to order that particular test from the ER and she would need to see her primary care physician.  I forgot to mention that Heather doesn’t have a primary physican AND she doesn’t have health insurance. It’s one of those unfortunate things where her employeer doesn’t provide health insurance and Heather just doesn’t make the kind of money needed to have a private health insurance. What this medical procedure is going to cost is less that what her premiums would be for a year on a private health policy so she just never went forth with getting one.

Anyway … back to the story at hand … Drl Ella knew Heather needed the Hida Scan.  She said that since all other tests has revealed that Heather didn’t have gallstones they wouldn’t show the activity of the gallbladder and in Heather’s case her gallbladder just isn’t functioning properly and the Hida Scan would be able to show the ejection fraction or amount of ‘stuff’ going through her gallbladder.  Dr. Ella said the ejection fraction on a normally functioning gallbladder is around 35-40% but she suspected Heather’s would be more like 10%.  Heather had this test done last Wednesday morning and the results showed a 9.9% ejection fraction or basically … Heather’s gallbladder is not functioning at all.

All that said to tell you this … Heather is having surgery to remove her gallbladder tomorrow morning. She is scheduled to be at the Same Day Surgery center at 8am with surgery around 9ish.  Heather is actually excited to get this over with and be able to get back to a normal life.

We have a busy weekend that we will approach slowly and with caution all pending the outcome of her surgery. I will post more about that next week … ALSO … I will be making a formal anouncement next week about this post … I’ve made my decision … stay tuned!


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