Baby News & Decisions Made

Which one do I want to talk about first. Hmmmm … Let’s see … I think I will choose BABY, for me that seems most important right now and it honestly has nothing to do with ‘Decision Made’. ‘Decision Made’ was made before we even knew about baby.

Here goes … Heather saw her OB yesterday and at her request I went with her. She is grown but she still wants her mama to be there, how wonderfully lucky I am! Dr B. did the usual first prenatal visit exam then sat and talked with us about what to expect and how he was going to follow her pregnancy.  There is some concern because of the Hida Scan but he said that if anything dreadful was going to happen as a result of this scan it most likely would happen within the next few weeks. He feels certain that four more weeks will get her past that initial ‘scary’ 1st trimester and we could stop holding our breath every minute of the day.  He asked her how she felt in general and she told him that outside of the extreme fatigue, the breast tenderness (so much so that she about cried when he did a breast exam), and the nausea she felt pretty good.  He smiled really big and said “GOOD, all of that is signs of a good pregnancy.” He told her these symptoms are all normal in the early stages of pregnancy and it tells him that her hormones are high as they should be when a pregnancy is good.  This made me think back to when Stasha lost her baby in April … she had absolutely NO symptoms of pregnancy other than a missed period … totally the opposite of what she went through with Lil Man when she was dreadfully sick, sore, and slept all the blasted time … when she wasn’t throwing up.  Anyway Heather is doing good. There haven’t been any gallbladder attacks to speak of in the past week and it appears to be related to really watching her diet and taking better care of herself . Hopefully her gallbladder won’t rear it’s ugly head again and we can get though this pregnancy without having to do surgery then get her gallbladder out as soon as the baby gets here.  No sonogram this time but expect one in four weeks.

Now for ‘Decisons Made’ … I have posted a couple of different times previously about making decisons that could change lives forever … mine and others. Well I have made my decisions. This subject within itself could create a book but I’ll be brief and answer questions later.

My first decision and the one that is most life changing … My X-husband (the girls father) and I have reunited and we are making plans for our future together.  I’m still not 100% sure how it happened … but it has … I’m happy … the girls are happy … he’s happy … Lil Man is totally confused as to why Papaw is always around now but he’s loving the idea … … so there … BIG Decison … made … and a done deal!

My second decision and one that I knew would have to come eventually so better late than never … We are moving. Not to another city, town, or state … but to a larger home in a more rural part of the county we live in. Where I live now I am 2-3 minutes from anything I would ever need.  I live right in town. Where we are moving is about 10 minutes from town but it offers us a lot of the things we don’t have at the apartment. It offers us three bedrooms instead of two. It offers two full baths (one with an elegant garden tub) instead of one. It offers a HUGE kitchen and a dining room. Right now my dining room has been turned into a bed room for Lil Man and his mama. It also offers a much larger living room with a gas log fireplace. All of which is very, very nice but the ultimate is the fact that it offers both a front porch and a back porch to sit on and a big yard for Lil Man to play.  We are excited about moving. New flooring is being put down this weekend and we will start moving next week. It’s going to be a chore but I’m up for the challenge and look forward to all of us starting our new lives together.

Your prayers are appreciated as we begin this new phase of our lives.  Any questions … please ask!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rhi
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 15:31:58

    WOW! Big news, lady! Prayers for you!

  2. mommyknows
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 00:19:46

    I second the WOW! It all sounds great. Hope the move goes well.

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