I Was Able to Overcome My Stubborn Streak

And as a result I postponed our move a few more days.  Let’s start at the beginning …

I took off a half day Friday to pack and move but when I got home my course of action was quickly changed. I walked into the apartment and was met by a very unhappy Lil Man. A quick cuddle told me that something wasn’t right and what I initially thought was some sort of allergy or maybe a little cold or possibly due to teething was in fact something more and should probably be addressed by a medical professional instead of his Nana. After spending the majority of the afternoon at the Urgent Care center since Lil Man’s doctor’s office was closed for the day we found out that our precious little boy was battling double ear infections. The doctor at Urgent Care said his ears were more than infected … she said they are ‘screaming’.  No wonder his usual happy demeanor had turned to stone.  He’s feeling much better now and is starting to get back to normal but needless to say not much packing got done and moving was definitely put on hold. Cuddling that precious little boy was more important than packing any box.

The move however is still going to happen … Thursday we are loading up and moving out. There are several men coming from our Church to help us load the truck and then they will follow us to the new house and help unload the truck.  I spent the bulk of my weekend cleaning and have almost finished getting the new place ready to move in.  My best friend’s husband was going down yesterday to hang the doors, install the hardware, hang the blinds, install the new ceiling fan in the living room, and install the new kitchen faucet. I’m going tonight to finish cleaning the kitchen and haul off all the accumulated junk from the weekend, mop the kitchen floor, and clean the laundry room so the new washer and dryer can be delivered on Wednesday. It’s going to be a busy week but we are definitely closer to making the move than we were this time last week and I find that I am less stressed than I was last week. Maybe putting it off another week has been a good thing … not to mention that I have a five day weekend coming up which gives me plenty of time to move, unpack, and even clean up the old place before returning to work on Tuesday!

Stay tuned for photo updates … I will have pictures coming of the new place and pictures of my tomato plant that finally has ripened tomatoes!


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