No Turning Back … We’re Finally Ready

Beginning about 5:30pm this afternoon we will official start packing and moving. I truly should have been packed by now but I’ve simply been focused in other directions. Time is up for procrastination. I will spend most of tonight and tomorrow packing up my little two bedroom apartment. We pick up the moving truck at 4pm tomorrow and a crew of wonderul, awesome, men from our church will be at the apartment around 5:30 to load everything up for the move across town where they will in turn, unload the truck and we’ll take up residence in our new home.

My mind is whirling. I have so many fine details I have to remember. Things like … everyone needs to pack a small overnight bag and put it in my van rather than in the moving truck … everyone’s bedding needs to be in my van instead of the truck … Lil Man’s cups, juice, snacks, diapers, wipes, etc needs to be in my van rather than in the truck … little stuff that will make it possible for us to sleep in the new house Thursday night among all the boxes and such that we’ll unpack over the weekend.

We’ll be without TV until at least Wednesday. Because of the rain this week the satellite people are a little behind and Wednesday is the earliest they can come out to install our service. Theres a few things I’m sweating … I’ll miss Big Brother on Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday but hopefully I’ll catch up with those on the internet. On Monday night the season premier of Prison Break is on and I can’t catch up with that on the internet so I’m trusting that someone will record it for me to watch later and then there is Handy Manny and Playhouse Disney that Lil Man enjoys in the mornings but luckily with the new house he will have so much room to run and play he won’t even realize we don’t have TV … not that he watches that much of it anyway.

Washer and Dryer was delivered this morning, we have 2 1/2 doors left to hang in the master bedroom and we still need to hang the blinds but that will have to wait until after we complete the  move on Thursday night. We’ll deal with no doors and no blinds … what we can’t deal with is having something interrupt our move for this weekend.

I promise pictures next week … have a save Labor Day weekend and I’ll c’ya on Tuesday!


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