Do You Enjoy New Handbags as Much as I Do?

I’m a handbag-aholic. (is that a word?) Regardless of where I shop I always seem to end up finding myself strolling through the handbag section and usually end up buying one, two, three, and sometimes more bags. They may not always be for me, I am known to share, but I rarely ever walk about without picking up at least one new bag. That said … you can only imagine the excitement I felt when I found out about a new website being launched in October and the most awesomely fantastic giveaway a handbag loving woman could ask for. Handbagplanet will be launcing their new site on October 15 and to celebrate this event they will be giving away one handbag an hour for 24 hours. The awesome thing … signup is simple and easy … and you get to select the bag you would like to win. If you love handbags as much as I do head on over and signup for this giveaway.


Found a Link through a Link from a Link

Are you totally confused?  Don’t be … here … let me explain

One of my all time favorite blog writers is Heather over at ohmystinkinheck.  Today her ‘brain bits’ led me to yet another blog that I know I’m going to enjoy reading so I quickly added it to my Google Reader.  This blog would be ALLSORTS and I’m all kinds of excited about finding out what Jenny’s yoyo’s are all about.  Anyway back to where I was going with this … While skimming over ALLSORTS I came across yet another link for Grosgrain and immediately fell in love with Kathleen’s talent, not to mention the awesome Sarsaparilla Skirt & Vest Giveaway she is having. I can so see this beautiful skirt and vest on the perfect little girl that I have in mind.

Now … do you understand where I was going with the title of this post?  From Heather’s blog I found Jenny who led me to Kathleen and I’m so excited to now have two new blogs to add to my daily reading list.  Not to mention that you too can enjoy these blogs by following the links above AND you too can have a chance to win that beautiful skirt and vest set. Visit Kathleen’s blogpost to find out how!

Binkys Galore – GusGus took them away!

Binkys Galore!, originally uploaded by NC_Belle36.

Lil Man has/had a mad passion for his Binky. They were like an extra tooth. You rarely ever saw him without one in his mouth and when you did get that rare view he was wandering aimlessly saying “Binky Binky” and this would continue until he found one to occupy his pallet.

Last Saturday morning I grew ‘tired’ of never being able to see his precious little mouth and always trying to decipher what he was saying while trying to hold his Binky tightly in his mouth. I decided it was time for the Binky to go bye-bye. It couldn’t have happened at a more convenient time. Let me explain …

Shortly after we moved into our new home a cat showed up. Lil Man quickly named the cat GusGus and fell madly in love with this stranger who had taken up residence on our back deck. GusGus hung around for about 3 days and then as quickly as he showed up … he left. Well … on Saturday when I decided it was time to rid Lil Man’s mouth of his beloved Binky I began gathering up every one I could find and hid them away in a special wooden box on my dresser. When the incessant begging for his Binky started I felt so sorry for him. I wanted to run grab the box and deliver them all back to his safety but I also knew that doing so would impede the process of riding his mouth of this extra appendage and would also continue to impede his language skills. I kept telling him his Binky had gone bye-bye but he just didn’t understand. Out of left field, and while he was begging Heather for a Binky she got the wise idea of telling him that GusGus took his Binky and left. Without a hitch Lil Man stopped crying, stopped begging, and hasn’t looked back. I believe he has maybe asked two or three times for his Binky and with a quick reply of ‘GusGus has it’ he quickly goes on with whatever he was doing and doesn’t mention anymore about it.

While I do hate that GusGus went away to wherever it was he went I am glad he did it at such an opportune time. GusGus left, Lil Man’s Binky left with GusGus and it’s amazing how much more Lil Man is vocalizing his thoughts and expressions now that his mouth isn’t being constantly occupied by a Binky.

By the way … the yellow one in the top corner … was his favorite, the three little white ones … he was sent home from the hospital with those, the big green one … that one was his ‘Bling-Bling Binky … it has rhinestones on the top!

Bearing of Fruit

Bearing of Fruit, originally uploaded by NC_Belle36.

The work of growing upside down tomatoes has paid off. I ended up with a total of 6 beautiful ripe tomatoes and they tasted absolutely divine. You can see the entire photo set here.

Our New Home

Kitchen & Laundry Room, originally uploaded by NC_Belle36.

I’ve promised pictures so I think it’s time I deliver. You can find pictures (before and after) of our work in progress here … for the most part we are moved in and settled. There is some finish work to still be done but it’s not something that is impeding our ability to call our new place HOME.

My First Picture – 12 weeks

My First Picture – 12 weeks, originally uploaded by NC_Belle36.

Heather saw her OB this morning for her second visit of many to come. Everything looks and sounds great. Dr. B said that everything appears to be well on track for a mid-March delivery. Somewhere in the neighborhood of March 22nd-ish. He did a quick sonogram this morning so we got our first look at Lil Bit and we also got to hear a perfect little heart beat.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come along … 12 weeks down & 28 to go … we’re looking forward to the 20 week mark so we can find out if we’ll decorate with pink or blue!

Maybe I’ll host my first blog contest/giveaway to mark the occasion!

Where Are We Now?

Well we are in our new home and we are totally loving every inch of it! Our move went so smoothly it’s almost scary. I worked my fool hearted head off Thursday packing up the apartment and was almost finished when it came time to pick up the U Haul truck. When I reserved the truck I had asked for a 17′ truck and was told it would not be a problem. As it turned out when I arrived to pick up the truck they didn’t have a 17′ available and the lady told me I should have been notified of this on Wednesday. I wasn’t, so she offered me the 26′ truck at the same price as the 17′ and knowing that I had a crew ready to load up my stuff I needed a truck regardless of how big it was.  To make a long story short three hours from the time we backed the truck into the parking lot at the apartment we unloaded the last box at the new house. I was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY amazed at how well everything went.  I figured it would take at least three hours to load and maybe two hours to unload it at the new place but the group of men who came from our Church to help out was amazing. They got started and there was no stopping them.

Thursday night I managed to get the beds put together and hung sheets over the windows and we all fell into bed about 1am.  I was up bright and early on Friday morning emptying boxes and putting stuff away. When I finally gave up and went to bed on Friday night I was down to four boxes that needed to be emptied and put away.  I got up early Saturday morning and finished those.  Saturday was also spent hauling off the 500 lbs of old carpet that came out of the house and then recycling the 100 lbs or so of cardboard boxes we used in moving. By the time Saturday was over the only thing left to do was hang the window blinds and call it home. I did that on Sunday afternoon.

Monday we cleaned up the old apartment and got it ready to turn the keys over to the landlord. WELL … we didn’t actually clean, we just hauled off the stuff we didn’t want to keep and made sure we didn’t have anything left behind. The only thing that met it’s end was my upside down tomato plant and that’s only because I don’t have anywhere to hang it at the new house.  By next summer I’ll have somewhere to hang multiple plants and will continue my upside down gardening techinques. I don’t feel so bad about losing the plant … It did reap about 6 ripe, juicy, sweet tomatoes and that was my initial intent!

I’ve promised pictures and I’ll post some soon …