Where Are We Now?

Well we are in our new home and we are totally loving every inch of it! Our move went so smoothly it’s almost scary. I worked my fool hearted head off Thursday packing up the apartment and was almost finished when it came time to pick up the U Haul truck. When I reserved the truck I had asked for a 17′ truck and was told it would not be a problem. As it turned out when I arrived to pick up the truck they didn’t have a 17′ available and the lady told me I should have been notified of this on Wednesday. I wasn’t, so she offered me the 26′ truck at the same price as the 17′ and knowing that I had a crew ready to load up my stuff I needed a truck regardless of how big it was.  To make a long story short three hours from the time we backed the truck into the parking lot at the apartment we unloaded the last box at the new house. I was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY amazed at how well everything went.  I figured it would take at least three hours to load and maybe two hours to unload it at the new place but the group of men who came from our Church to help out was amazing. They got started and there was no stopping them.

Thursday night I managed to get the beds put together and hung sheets over the windows and we all fell into bed about 1am.  I was up bright and early on Friday morning emptying boxes and putting stuff away. When I finally gave up and went to bed on Friday night I was down to four boxes that needed to be emptied and put away.  I got up early Saturday morning and finished those.  Saturday was also spent hauling off the 500 lbs of old carpet that came out of the house and then recycling the 100 lbs or so of cardboard boxes we used in moving. By the time Saturday was over the only thing left to do was hang the window blinds and call it home. I did that on Sunday afternoon.

Monday we cleaned up the old apartment and got it ready to turn the keys over to the landlord. WELL … we didn’t actually clean, we just hauled off the stuff we didn’t want to keep and made sure we didn’t have anything left behind. The only thing that met it’s end was my upside down tomato plant and that’s only because I don’t have anywhere to hang it at the new house.  By next summer I’ll have somewhere to hang multiple plants and will continue my upside down gardening techinques. I don’t feel so bad about losing the plant … It did reap about 6 ripe, juicy, sweet tomatoes and that was my initial intent!

I’ve promised pictures and I’ll post some soon …


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  1. Andria and Co.
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 13:13:44

    Hooray for a great move! I am totally impressed at your motivation- it always takes me at least a couple of weeks to completely unpack.
    I have wondered about those upside down tomato plants, wondering if they actually grow. Hearing that it worked for you, I might just have to buy one!
    Can’t wait to see pics of the new place!

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