Binkys Galore – GusGus took them away!

Binkys Galore!, originally uploaded by NC_Belle36.

Lil Man has/had a mad passion for his Binky. They were like an extra tooth. You rarely ever saw him without one in his mouth and when you did get that rare view he was wandering aimlessly saying “Binky Binky” and this would continue until he found one to occupy his pallet.

Last Saturday morning I grew ‘tired’ of never being able to see his precious little mouth and always trying to decipher what he was saying while trying to hold his Binky tightly in his mouth. I decided it was time for the Binky to go bye-bye. It couldn’t have happened at a more convenient time. Let me explain …

Shortly after we moved into our new home a cat showed up. Lil Man quickly named the cat GusGus and fell madly in love with this stranger who had taken up residence on our back deck. GusGus hung around for about 3 days and then as quickly as he showed up … he left. Well … on Saturday when I decided it was time to rid Lil Man’s mouth of his beloved Binky I began gathering up every one I could find and hid them away in a special wooden box on my dresser. When the incessant begging for his Binky started I felt so sorry for him. I wanted to run grab the box and deliver them all back to his safety but I also knew that doing so would impede the process of riding his mouth of this extra appendage and would also continue to impede his language skills. I kept telling him his Binky had gone bye-bye but he just didn’t understand. Out of left field, and while he was begging Heather for a Binky she got the wise idea of telling him that GusGus took his Binky and left. Without a hitch Lil Man stopped crying, stopped begging, and hasn’t looked back. I believe he has maybe asked two or three times for his Binky and with a quick reply of ‘GusGus has it’ he quickly goes on with whatever he was doing and doesn’t mention anymore about it.

While I do hate that GusGus went away to wherever it was he went I am glad he did it at such an opportune time. GusGus left, Lil Man’s Binky left with GusGus and it’s amazing how much more Lil Man is vocalizing his thoughts and expressions now that his mouth isn’t being constantly occupied by a Binky.

By the way … the yellow one in the top corner … was his favorite, the three little white ones … he was sent home from the hospital with those, the big green one … that one was his ‘Bling-Bling Binky … it has rhinestones on the top!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hotfessional
    Sep 21, 2008 @ 19:24:32

    Oh, I see some of Shortman’s favorite Nukkers in there. 😉

    I tagged you Lindabelle! Come see.

  2. A Frugal Housewife - Jody
    Sep 22, 2008 @ 09:12:47

    My great niece loves her binkies. As she loves to point out “she has lots of binkies”. Her moody days she will request a particular color binkie.

    Hopefully she will soon give hers away as well.

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