Found a Link through a Link from a Link

Are you totally confused?  Don’t be … here … let me explain

One of my all time favorite blog writers is Heather over at ohmystinkinheck.  Today her ‘brain bits’ led me to yet another blog that I know I’m going to enjoy reading so I quickly added it to my Google Reader.  This blog would be ALLSORTS and I’m all kinds of excited about finding out what Jenny’s yoyo’s are all about.  Anyway back to where I was going with this … While skimming over ALLSORTS I came across yet another link for Grosgrain and immediately fell in love with Kathleen’s talent, not to mention the awesome Sarsaparilla Skirt & Vest Giveaway she is having. I can so see this beautiful skirt and vest on the perfect little girl that I have in mind.

Now … do you understand where I was going with the title of this post?  From Heather’s blog I found Jenny who led me to Kathleen and I’m so excited to now have two new blogs to add to my daily reading list.  Not to mention that you too can enjoy these blogs by following the links above AND you too can have a chance to win that beautiful skirt and vest set. Visit Kathleen’s blogpost to find out how!


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