I Guess I Should …

Maybe just maybe I should update?  What do you think? It has been a while since I gave you a whole lot of family value so maybe it’s time I change that.  It’s been a roller coaster ride lately but fortunately we’ve been on the mountains more than we’ve been low in the valley so … such is life.

I’ll begin with ME … WORK … WORk … WOrk … Work … work … nuff said.  If it’s not at the office then it’s at home in the yard or at Mama’s.  I don’t think all this moving will ever be finished but I am happy to report that my yard is finally cleaned up and looks somewhat presentable. We still need to trim the shrubs but all the junk from where the roof was replace back whenever has been cleaned up and hauled off along with the junk that was piled up on the side of the house.  We’re getting there!

Let’s move now to Heather … she is basking in pregnancy glory.  Her gallbladder is pretty much behaving itself and the pregnancy nausea has pretty much gone away so we’re hoping the remaining 23 weeks or so will be relatively uneventful.  Her next doctor visit is on November 6 and Dr. B said he would set her up with an appointment for a sonogram at the hospital where their equipment is more advanced than his so we can get better images, better measurements, and hopefully if Lil Bit is cooperating we will get a peek and find out if we should be buying pink or blue.  Heather has asked me to make her bedding and I haven’t sewn in … oh forever … so this is going to be challenging.  We no longer have any reputable fabric shops in this area so Lord only knows where I will find just the right material to create the perfect nursery ensemble for her.  Think country patchwork in yellow and greens OR dainty little pink rosebuds if she is having a princess.  Whichever … I’ll do my best or else I’ll shop ETSY!!

Lil Man and Stasha … That’s a post within itself so I’ll just say everything is slowly getting back to normal. Stasha has hopefully learned a valuable lesson and Lil Man made it through without missing a beat. Oh the joy of that little boy. We did venture out last weekend to make some fall pictures using the decorations at one of our company offices. I want to do more and hopefully get just the ‘right’ shot but for now you can enjoy some new photos of Lil Man on Flickr.  It depresses me that we live in a little country town but no one has a pumpkin patch worthy of a pumpkin festival or even a visit.

That my dear friends is an update … stay tuned for more of the story later.  Have a blessed weekend.


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  1. Rhi
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 15:02:04

    No pumpkin patch! It always depresses me when I see kids getting pumpkins from the grocery store. I grew up in an AWESOME pumpkin town.

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