Better But Not So Much

I know it’s a weird title but it covers my household right now!  Lil Man is feeling much better. Everything must have been a nasty bug going around. After about 48 hours of the nasties he was back to his normal self and has been full strong head on every since.  Man what a blessing and joy this little boy is!

Now for the Not So Much … Heather … my poor darling daughter. I feel so sorry for her but I am so proud on her stamina. Despite still being pukey sick at 19 weeks pregnant and despite having a head full of stuffies and despite coughing up her lungs and anybody elses she can find … she still keeps trudging along.  If I were at the point where she is now I would be laying down wallowing in my sorrows and wanting someone to make it all better.  There is so much background which I’ve chosen to not share but suffice it to say that for a single-mom-to-be she has endured more that any pregnant woman deserves and she has done it all without losing that loving, smiling touch.  Yesterday she was so worn and exhausted that I continually tried to coax her to go to bed and just sleep but she refused.  She said Lil Man needed his Aunt Heather to ‘ead it’‘ meaning Lil Man wanted noone but Aunt Heather to read to him. When it came time for lunch it was noone but Aunt Heather that could ‘fix it’ and only Aunt Heather knows how to make his ‘chockit mook’.  No matter how much I tried … he only wanted his Aunt Heather and no matter how much rest she needed it was only her that was going to make Lil Man happy. She struggled through the nausea and coughing to be there for him.  So precious!  You would never know that she had spent 5 1/2 hours in the ER on Friday night getting 4ltrs of IV fluids and that she spent all day Saturday hugging her little pink pan, or that she woke up Sunday morning just plain old sick and followed that with another ER visit this morning only to be told to continue the antibiotics that won’t stay down and she would feel better in a day or two.  HMMMM … imagine trying to keep antibiotics down when you can’t even keep down water!!

Anyway … We did do a bit of baby shopping yesterday since one of our local stores was having a huge baby department sale.  We picked up the Fisher Price Jumperoo and the Fisher Price Take-Along Swing and the  Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant Car Seat.  We have the crib and it’s going to be beautiful when we get it setup and finish the bedding set. Heather actually wants me to make her bedding and I’m SCARED to death but I use to sew for a living so surely I can make a baby bedding set!

Until then … Off to pamper and care for the sick!


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