Hi, My Name is Linda and I’m an Addict …

BLOG ADDICT THAT IS!  I had you there for a minute didn’t I??  I realized today that I’m so addicted to reading blogs that I forget to update my own. I have blogs that I read daily, faithfully, like I wouldn’t forget to read it even if it didn’t have a new post. Then I have blogs that I skim daily. Then I have blogs that catch my interest on certain days of the week but not others. On the off days I have blogs that fill other interests.  You get my drift.  Did you know there are boo-koo-dools of blogs out there right now that are offering all kinds of giveaways?  There are blogs offering gift certificats, toys, books, kitchen applicances, and there’s even one site that is giving away a BED.  Can you imagine posting a comment on a blog and winding up with a new bed?

The past few weeks my RSS reader has grown by leaps and bounds. I want more though … I want you to share with me a couple of your most favorite blog sites and why they are your chosen favorites. Leave a comment telling me about your favorites and give me a link to them so I can add them to my list of favorites also.

You ask what I like to read about … Anything and Everything … I’m not real picky. My RSS reader is full of blogs about such a wide variety of topics it’s not even funny. I take my blog reading seriously and NEVER do I click that button that says ‘Mark all as read’ … nope … not me … that button is forbidden. I will read every entry that I’ve missed since my last login.

Speaking of which … When I leave work today I’ll be without Internet access again until Monday … unless I drag my laptop out and drive into town where I can hit a free WIFI hotpsot area.  That may or may not happen but at any rate I know by Monday morning my feed reader will be PACKED with interesting stuff for me to read. I’m anxious to hear about everyone’s Black Friday deals. I won’t be shopping on Black Friday but I get excited when other’s manage to scoop up a good deal.

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Give Praise, Be Thankful, Be Safe, and have a great holiday weekend.


Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

In just over a week we will sit down as a family to have Thanksgiving dinner. I reflect on past Thanksgiving celebrations and remember the abundance of food that was left over when dinner was done. I then remember saying “next year we’re not going to cook this much food” but it never fails, year after year we over cook for Thanksgiving and end up eating leftovers for days. It looks as if we may do the same thing again this year. When cleaning up after dinner I hate, hate, hate taking all that time to put food in storage containers and try storing in it’s appropriate place be it refrigerator, cabinet, or counter top. As much as I hate doing that I equally love, love, love Thanksgiving leftovers when it comes time to snack and eat later. I love me some turkey sandwiches and oh how I love leftover dressing and oh my I love me some leftover pecan pie or pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes … OH MY … I’m starving just thinking about it.

Another favorite of mine is to wake up early on Thanksgiving morning, make a cream cheese danish for breakfast and let that cook while getting the bird ready for the oven, then popping in front of the TV to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I’ve watched it almost every year since I was a wee little girl and look forward to it every year and even more so this year since Lil Man is older and will sit cuddled with me to watch it also.  Forget the all day football … I’m not up for that so we always steer clear of the channels that carry nothing but sports.  We like to find the old Christmas favorites in the evenings or better yet just sleep all afternoon.  I have to be really careful though … about three years ago I had an allergic reaction to TURKEY of all things so I can’t honestly fall into a dead sleep for several hours after eating turkey for fear of … well you know … it ending up being a ‘dead’ sleep.  As long as I take Benadryl a couple of hours before we eat and again shortly after eating I’m ok … if I forget and don’t take it then I’m M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E for the rest of the evening. I’ve already bought the Benadryl now all I have to do is remember to take it!

Being in the new house this year the girls are already begging to put up the Christmas tree. I’m not sure I want to do it this early. We’re getting a live tree this year and we’ve got a little boy whose turned into somewhat of a climber so putting up a tree this early will only give him something else to climb on, turn over, and well … just destroy and I don’t want to have to put it up more than once.  I think we’ll hold off a couple of weeks on the tree but maybe we’ll hang the stockings and decorate the mantle or maybe put lights on the front porch … something but not the tree … not yet!

Share with me what you do for the holiday. What does your Thanksgiving menu consist of? Any thing you want to share? I’m always looking for something new to spring on my unsuspecting family!  When do you decorate your tree? Do you decorate inside and outside?  Share … peek my interest!

We’re Having a Boy & We Have a Winner!


Last week I invited readers to participate in a giveaway. Today we have a winner. Congratulations to Jennifer whose guess was that my daughter Heather was having a little boy.  During Heather’s Sonogram this morning there was absolutely no doubt that she was having a boy. It took the tech a bit of work to get Lil Bit in a position so we could make sure but after turning Heather on her side so that he would shift it became evidently clear them parts was boy parts. We’re excited and we’re going shopping for blue this weekend!

Jennifer … you have mail! I need your mailing address so I can get your Wal-Mart gift card in the mail to you.  Thanks to those who participated and continue to watch for another giveaway when it comes closer to due date … March 23, 2009.

Are you ready for Christmas?


I didn’t think I was near ready to start thinking about Christmas shopping until I found 5minutesformom’s Christmas Giveaway 2008. Click on over and see what it’s all about. I’m excited and ready to stat thinking about shopping!

I’m Thinking About A Giveaway …

****UPDATED TO ADD****  The Sono was a bum wrap this morning and has been rescheduled for next Friday monring.  I will leave this giveaway open until after the Sono next Friday.  We so wanted to go shopping this weekend but it looks like we’ll have to wait another week.

My daughter had her 20 week OB visit this morning and she is scheduled for a Sonogram tomorrow morning, Friday, November 7, 2008 at 8:30 AM. We hope the baby is cooperative and we’ll be able to find out if we should be buying pink or blue.  I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway to commemorate this event. One lucky winner will receive a $20.00 Wal-Mart gift card by selecting the correct sex of the baby. What do you have to do to win?  I’ll give you a few different ways …

First let me give you a few details that may help you make a decision … Heather has lost three pounds, her craving is for home-made hot chocolate, she has been sick the entire pregnancy, her complexion is immaculate, the baby is more active in the morning than any other time of the day, and the baby’s heart rate is around 155-160.

Now for ways to enter and win:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me if you think Heather is having a boy or a girl and why you chose that particular sex. You do not have to be a blogger to enter but you do need to give me an email address to contact you if you win.

2. If you are a blogger, blog about this giveaway on your blog site. In your blog post include your thought of boy or girl and why.  Leave a second comment telling me you’ve blogged about the giveaway.

3. Subscribe to my RSS feed and leave me an additional comment telling me you have subscribed.

The above entry options gives you the opportunity to have three chances to win the Wal-Mart gift card.  All entries received before 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, November 7, 2008, that  ALSO includes the correct sex of the baby, will be entered in the final drawing.  If the baby decides to be shy and we do not find out if we’re buying pink or blue then I will use Random.org Integer Generator to select a winner from all who participate.

A winner will be chosen around noon-ish tomorrow. Make sure i have a way to contact you! Come back to view Sonogram pictures and find out who our winner will be!

Election Day Thoughts

I will vote before the polls close today. I will vote before the polls close today.  I will vote before the polls close today. I will vote before the polls close today. I will vote before the polls close today.

I keep telling myself that I will vote before the polls close today … and YES I fully intend to vote. It’s my right as an American and I appreciate that right.

What’s my problem then … you ask … I’m still praying about who I am going to vote for. I’ve seen/heard all of the campaign ads. I’ve read/listened to all these news/press releases. I’ve been informed and I’m still not 100% satisfied. I feel like choosing one man and what he says he will do eliminates the possibility for other things that I feel strongly about. I haven’t completely brought my heart-strings together to tie up which matters I’m willing to lay down. Once I’ve tied my heart-strings then I will know solidly which man will get my vote. I’m trusting the Lord to lead me and help me tie those strings.

How many of you have truly stopped to think that regardless of which man wins todays election … HISTORY is being made folks … HISTORY … first time HISTORY.  I’m excited about being a part of that history but I want to make sure it’s history that my grandchildren and their children will benefit from.  Never in history has there been a man of color elected President of the United States.  Never in history has there been a woman in the Vice-Presidents position.

I’m still not sure which part of History I want to be a part of …

If you have not voted please make sure you say a prayer to our Heavenly Father for guidance and then go out to the poll and VOTE.  Don’t let the polls close tonight without you casting your vote.