Filed Photo MeMe

Cindy over at Citystreams has tagged her readers for a fun MeMe that she found at Suz’s blog Steece’s Pieces.  Since I faithfully read both of these blogs I thought I would share a bit of bloglove by telling you a bit about these two blogs and by joining in the Filed Photo MeMe.

First let’s talk a minute about Cindy … Cindy is a highschool teacher, wife to a cop, and Mom to a beautiful little girl we in the blog world know as Bri. When you visit with Cindy be sure to check out her Novel Index add her to your blogroll and/or feedburner and wait anxiously, with me, for the next new installment to Death of a Ballerina.

Now for Suz … WOW what can I say about this woman? Suz is a stay at home Mom, wife to Joe, and mother to Drew, Savannah, Ben & Ethan. Now being a Mom to one child can be trying sometimes, give a shot at being a Mom to four children and compound that by being a Mom to four children who are ALL THE SAME AGE! Yes! you read that right … four children who are ALL THE SAME AGE.  See … Drew, Savannah, Ben & Ethan are quads. As Suz’s blog header will tell you they prayed for ONE, they were blessed with FOUR. To top it all off … these precious little babies are all under the age of two! We’re just now getting into the ‘Terrible Twos” with Lil Man so I can’t even begin to imagine attempting it with four!

On to the MeMe … In this MeMe you should go into the photos you have stored on your hard drive. Select the fourth file and then select the fourth photo in that file. Once you have found your photo, post it to your blog and describe the photo details. No cropping or editing of the photo before posting … simply find it, post it, and tell about it. Then tag your blog friends to join in … I’m tagging everyone who reads my blog to join this MeMe.

Baby Dresser

This is a chest of drawers that I refinished and decorated when Stasha was pregnant with Lil Man. When I initally decorated the dresser her intents were to use a Precious Moment’s nursery theme. Unfortunately that idea was shot out of the water when her crib bedding was lost in layaway. We changed the nursery theme to blue gingham teddy bears but we left the dresser with the Precious Moment’s theme because we felt it was too darn cute to change it.

Now it’s your turn … find your fourth photo file and the fourth photo in that file and tell us all about it.


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  1. citystreams
    Dec 15, 2008 @ 19:23:47

    Wow! I’ve had a drama filled day and reading this post absolutely melted my heart. You’re so sweet. Thank you so much Lindabelle. You made my day. :o)

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