Fractured Foot & A Milkshake – What Better Way to Start 2009

As if 2008 wasn’t whirlwind enough we get to start 2009 with a bang! Only two days short of the new year Lil Man took a nasty fall and ended up fracturing a Metatarsal bone in his left foot. Poor little guy was running and playing without a worry in the world and the next thing we knew we were sitting in the ER waiting for X-rays to see how much damage had been done. Who knew a simple fall could actually break a bone?  Well … it did and the end results is having his foot wrapped in an Ace bandage, follow-up with his doctor on Friday for an Orthopedic referral, and whatever comes from that.  The ER doctor kept saying the words “Orthopedic Surgeon” and I refused to ask if he was thinking this fracture may require surgery.  I HATE the thought of Lil Man having to go through that … the fracture is bad enough.

One thing that kept coming to mind while we were waiting in the ER for the x-ray results was what happened to Annalie (Bethany Actually’s daughter) on New Years Eve last year.  I remembered reading the update posts letting everyone know how Annalie was recovering from her unfortunate accident and how it seemed to take forever before Annalie was back to her normal cute little self.  I’m worried now about how long it will take before Lil Man is back to normal. I miss so much the sound of pitter patter of little feet running through the house. One day with no little boy feet and I’m crazy … what’s it going to be like if they actually have to cast his foot and he’s down for 6-8 weeks?

While I sit home tonight cuddling my precious little grandson and having homemade milkshakes I’ll send a wealth of good wishes to each and every one of you for a fruitful and prosperous New Year.  Be Safe and God Bless you all.


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  1. bethany actually
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 17:45:31

    Aww, I am so sorry to hear about Lil’ Man’s foot! I hope it heals really quickly. I know what you mean, it’s strange to not have him running around, isn’t it? For about a week Annalie spent a lot of time on the couch, and then she started moving around a lot more. She would crawl or hop at first, and then after a while she learned to walk on her tiptoes of the injured foot. She was actually walking normally by mid-February, so it was almost exactly 6 weeks from the time she hurt her foot till it was healed.

    I hope no surgery is required!

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