Miracle Blanket Giveaway

miracle-blanketI have heard and read quiet a bit about the Miracle Blanket. I wanted one of these blankets when Lil Man was born but didn’t quiet have the money to buy one.  Things are better now I plan on having one when Lil Bit arrives in March. Actually I hope to have TWO of them. I’m going to purchase one myself and I’m hoping to win one. Two of a Kind, working on a full house is hosting another awesome giveaway where she is going to give one lucky winner the opportunity to win one of the Miracle Blankets. Head on over for a visit with Two of a Kind, working on a full house to find out how you can enter.  Good luck to all … but we know I’m going to win 🙂


Baby Shower

We had Heather’s baby shower this past weekend. While it was very exhausting working long hours at the office then planning and preparing for her shower the final outcome and the happiness you could see in her eyes and the excitement in her voice was worth every minute of sleep I missed. It was a very special day for her and one she will always remember.  More pictures can be seen here.

It was a bit overwhelming for her by the time she got to the last gift. The turnout was far better than we expected and with the amount of things she received it actually took two SUVs to get all of her things home.  Now we have the daunting task of finishing her room and getting everything setup and put away before the baby gets here in a mere 8 weeks or less.

Southern Plate Loves You & You Will Love Them!

Trust me when I tell you that you will totally love Southern Plate. When I have cooking woes I have two people I know without the shadow of a doubt I can depend on. One of them is Christy over at Southern Plate.  She has some of the best recipes I have ever found and they are all so easy to make. My family has yet to be disappointed!

The month of February will be an honest to goodness awesome month over at Southern Plate. Christy will be hosting a wealth of giveaways values over $500 dollars. Some items include:

The Coffee Lover’s Dream which includes the Hamilton Beach Deluxe Grind 15 Cup Hands Free Coffe Grinder  and the Hamilton Beach BrewStation Deluxe 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Wilton Celebration Kit which includes Cupcake Heaven Cupcake Boxes, Cupcake Sprinkle Assortment, Cupcake Heaven Cupcake Papers and a beautiful Wilton 38 Cupcake Dessert and More Stand!

Southern Beauty Magazine will be giving away a Beauty Gift Set valued at over $100!

Pioneer Brand will be giving away a gift basket filled with All of their wonderfully delicious cooking and banking products!

Country Bob’s will be giving away TWO Gift Packs filled with Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and Seasoning!


Are you excited yet?  YES! You should be … Head on over to Southern Plate and get all the details on how you can win these fabulous prizes and all the other great giveaway prizes that Christy will be offering during the month of February.

Saturday 9

I found the coolest post today and thought it would be fun to join in.  The sight is called Saturday 9 – Just a Silly MeMe Every Saturday. Click on over and join in the fun. I’m going to.  Here goes:

1. Which meal is the one you cook best?  Mine would be weekend breakfasts when I’m not working. We always have homemade biscuits, gravy, sausage, eggs, jelly and applebutter. We love it!

2. Tell uswhat you would never eat.  I would never eat caviar. That just sounds gross!

3. Is your hometown famous for anything or anybody? Kind of … My hometown is known as the Gem Capital of the World because of all the gem mines in the area.  We also use to be know as the vacation home for Burt Reynolds & Sally Fields … back in the day of course.  I believe Sally still owns the home but I’m not sure she ever visits anymore.

4. Can you play a musical instrument?  Only in my dreams

5. Tell us about your second ever lover.  He is the man that I’ve always made this statement about “If Jeff ever comes back into my life I would leave whoever I was with at the time … to be with him?”   I belive my heart still feels that way today and it’s been 24 years.

6. What is your favorite restaurant? Locally it’s Willy’s BBQ. Chain it’s PF Changs.

7. If it were your call, how often woudl you make love?  I got over that several years ago. I truly don’t have an interest anymore. BUT if #5 ever happened … this may change.

8. What famous person would you like to have dinner with?  Hmmm … Obama … i guess … I dunno … maybe his girls … they are too cute and I believe it would be fun to take them Chuck E Cheese and let them be little girls again.

9. Tell us about your job.  I love my job … year around … 4 1/2 months out of the year I work my butt off to be ubber successful and the other 7 1/2 months I get to enjoy what I learned during the tough time.

Your turn … now go play!

Do you like Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is meant to be special. Painter Mommy is going to make sure that someone receives a Valentine’s Day they will never forget with her special Valentine’s Day Giveaway Bash.  Painter Mommy has several ways to enter and if you win and all of this could be yours …


While you are at Painter Mommy give yourself plenty of time to look around!  I’m sure by the time you’ve finished your tour of Painter Mommy’s site you will be jumping to subscribe and stay in the loop of all the fun stuff that’s always going on.  Head on over and sign up for the Valentine’s Day Bash Giveaway!

Bumbleride – The Ride Of Your Life – WIN ONE!


Vanessa is having a giveaway! Yep … she surely is! Entering couldn’t be easier and the prize is every mom’s dream. Head on over to I Never Grew Up and check out the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller giveaway. You’ll be glad you did!

Lil Man Turns Two


It is so hard to believe that this precious little boy is turning two today. Little did I know when he was born two years ago that he would change my life forever. I never dreamed I could love someone as much as I love this precious little boy. The first few hours of his life was scary. We waiting anxiously for the doctors to tell us what was going on and why Lil Man was struggling so hard to breath. We just knew they were going to transfer him to a higher care facility and Lord knows I dreaded the thoughts of having him in one hospital and his Mama in another. As his Mama grew more and more anxious to see her little boy I started to worry that she would go totally ballistic if they came in and told her they were shipping her baby boy to another hospital. When the room to her door opened and a nurse came in pushing a bassinet with Lil Man sleeping peacefully I knew God had answered our prayers.  Lil Man had done a complete 180 and was no longer struggling to breath, his O2 sats where staying in the high 90s, and his body temperature was staying right where it should be. He had been cleared to room in with his Mama and it was all God’s work.

100_1472_014_014Three days later we took home the most precious gift God has ever given to us. It still amazes me how much this little boy consumes my thoughts and decisions. I find myself fearing that someday what we see as a perfect little person is going to change. He’s happy …  He’s healthy …  He’s loving … He’s forgiving … He’s funny … He’s just perfect.  Some days I can’t help but think that it’s all too good to be true. Is it possible that we’ve been so lucky with this little boy. He’s just beautiful!! (Can you tell how proud I am of this little boy??)

So much we have watched him do over the past two years …

100_0958_edited2 His first vacation … He loved the lazy river and the sand on the beach!

peytonfall21 His first fall … He loved the pumpkins

elmo-christmas-tree-002_edited1 His discovered his new best friend … Elmo

peytons-1st-bday-139_edited2 His first birthday

vbs-the-park-0081 He loved the park this past summer

wedding-075_edited2 He truly did outshine the bride at our friends wedding

100_15731 He moved into a new home and his big boy bed

100_15761 He gave up his most loved binky (or should I say binkys?)

100_1707_edited1 He was a good boy and Santa was good too!

101_17651 He got his first big owie … which resulted in his first ever …

01020916492 CAST … and we hope this will be the last!

Lil Man … Nana loves you so very very much. You are the light that brightens my world. I thank God daily for sending you to be in our lives.

Happy Birthday Lil Man!!  I Love You!

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