I have a feeling something isn’t kosher …

I may be way out of line with this post and I truly do not intend to offend or hurt anyone but I need to get this off my chest because I honestly do not believe that the story being told is entirely true and factual … Hear me out then criticize if you must … but please .. do hear me out first …

Have you ever followed a blog or followed someone on twitter and just had a feeling that what you are reading is not 100% true.  Basic information that you clearly remember about the blog or person, such as where they are located, is no longer on their blog BUT it was clearly present just 24 hours ago … THEN pictures start being posted that just don’t ‘fit’ the scenario you have been following. There are other things that have me wondering also …

For instance … and I’ll give you a three of them … then you decide …

1. You know for sure the city that was posted on their site just 24 hours or so ago is in the middle of a state that is no where near the ocean or a lake for that matter. You also know this because you have been to this city and have seen first hand that it is no where near a large body of water.  Recent posts have indicated spending time at the beach with pictures included. By recent I am referring to today, as in “I drove to the beach to hang out for a little while today.”  You know from experience that driving to the beach to do what this person said they have done would not fit into the time constraints of other events they were a part of today … or claimed to be a part of.

2. A picture that was posted on their site within the last 24 hours … you know for sure this picture is not only a fake but it can be found by Googling a particular phrase that relates to the photo topic. It’s also very clear, even to my non-photographic eye that the picture is really not ‘real’.

3.  The circumstances around all of this, in my opinion would not warrant frequent blog updates and the time frame just doesn’t fit the scenario.  Last but not least … the subject of (or should I say in) the latest photos does not reflect the scenario behind the posts.

I know I’m being a big vague … but I just can’t help but believe and feel certain that the information that 100s of people are following is NOT true.  I know I may be wrong and I pray God will forgive me if I am … but I’m sure time will tell the truth …


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  1. Rhi
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 19:03:08

    Oh dear – does seem fishy. And, even in Portland, we’re close to the ocean – but it’s about a 1.5 hour drive AT BEST.

    Wait – is this a state that even HAS the ocean?

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