95% Baby Ready

I had previously set this past Sunday as my “D” day for having everything in place for the birth of Heather’s little boy in about five weeks. As Sunday grew nearer and as I grew more weary I began to doubt the end results and felt sure I would fail in meeting my deadline.  While I still have a few things left to do such as push Heather toward packing a hospital bag, make the final decision on what she is going to bring the baby home in, and learn that her closet is for “hanging” her clothes and maintaing organization rather than tossing them ‘wherever’ … we are about 95% complete. If Lil Bit were born today we would be close enough to having everything done that I could enjoy his birth and not stress over unfinished tasks.

Yesterday was spent cleaning up some lose ends from when we moved in and getting the house new baby ready. A dear friend spent the early afternoon hanging blinds and moving satellite lines. I spent this time cleaning the rest of my house and doing laundry. Once the ‘regular’ stuff was done I started the fun stuff … washing little bitty baby clothes and blankets, putting the new baby crib together, cleaning the changing table, and second guessing if everything would fit in Heather’s room. I knew it would but until it was all in place … I had some doubt. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t paint the changing table…(yet) … I may still do that if I can find the extra time. A friend of Heather’s gave it to her and while we had decided not to bother buying one, a free one wasn’t going to be turned down. The only downside is that it is white and everything else has a walnut finish.

At any rate … I was able to get done just about everything I had planned to do yesterday. I feel short on removing the shower doors in the girls bathroom, mopping my kitchen, and cleaning out the refrigerator but that’s fine, well, and good. None of those things are required to bring Lil Bit home from the hospital when he is born!

As time grows near I’m going to have a little giveaway … stay tuned for details!

Now for your viewing pleasure … Baby Stuff …


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