His Boys Can Swim and A Giveaway

I recently was introduced to a new blog that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It is a pregnancy blog by the name of “His Boys Can Swim”.  This blog is about a young married couple who recently found out they are unexpectedly expecting their first baby. They go by the names of Tarzan and Jane. They are planning to use their blog to document their pregnancy. Recently they had an ultrasound and discovered the sex of their baby. Jane’s post detailing the day of the ultrasound is hilarious and touching. Be sure to read that post as well as all of the others that you’ve missed!

One post you want to be sure you check out is their awesome giveaway. It’s very easy to enter and you will be introduced to an abundance of baby/new moms/moms-to-be sites. Reviewing the many products they are offering during their giveaway has thrown me into a shopping frenzy that I’m not 100% sure my checking account will be able to handle!

Visit Jane & Tarzan over at His Boys Can Swim, read up and catch up on where they are in their pregnancy, and be sure to take time and visit the sponsers for their awesome giveaway.  OH .. and tell them NCBelle36 sent ya!!


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