Prayers and Sadness

There seems to be so much sadness around the blogosphere today.  I read so many sad stories and so many requests for prayers for families who have lossed a child, couples who have suffered miscarriages, parents who are praying for miracles to heal their ailing children. It breaks my heart.  I hug my daughters and their little boys many times during the day and tell them always how much I love them. I thank God for my daughters and my grandsons as well as for their good health.  I’m not sure I could ever bear to lose any of them. My love and my heart goes out to all of the families around this world we call the blogosphere that are suffering today, whatever the reason, I pray for the strength they need to deal with what they are struggling with, I pray for them to have courage to accept God’s plan, I pray for miracles.

While I pray I ask that you join me today in one more prayer …

A very close friend to my family was seriously injured yesterday, Easter Sunday, in a 4-wheeler accident.  Amanda was riding a path that she has traveled many times.  On a second 4-wheeler behind Amanda was one of her friends, his daughter, and Amanda’s 3yo son Paxten.  Something went seriously wrong … they were nearing the end of the pavement and something caused Amanda to lose control of her 4-wheeler and be tossed over the handle bars and into a creek by the roadside. Amanda struck her head hard on creek rocks and was knocked unconcious. Her 4-wheeler continued its path and ended up flipping upside down into the creek landing on top of Amanda.  The friend riding behind her jumped to her aid. It took several minutes to move the 4-wheeler off of her. He then lifted her head just enough to get it above water and began to scream for help.  The children were there … watching everything that happened. Little Paxten screaming for his mama … too young to understand what was happening … to young to understand the seriousness of the accident.

Help arrived and Amanda was transported to the local hospital where she remained unconscious, became combative, and began to lose blood from her left ear canal. She was intubated and prepared for transport to a trauma center about 90 minutes from here. She was flown by medical helicopter where, upon arrival, she was quickly examined by a trauma team then transferred to neuro-surgery to relieve inter-cranial pressure. Surgeons removed a portion of Amanda’s skull from the left side of her head to allow necessary room for her brain to swell due to the injury it had sustained. In addition to the brain injury Amanda has suffered a ruptured spleen, 8 broken ribs, a punctured/collapsed lung, broken right shoulder, broken left collar bone, and during surgery the surgeons noticed what appeared to be an abnormality with one of her legs and they felt that she may have suffered broken bones there also. Further testing will need to be done when Amanda is stable. The surgeons have told Amanda’s husband and family that the next 72 hours are going to be critical. Only after the swelling goes down and Amanda is conscious will they be able to determine if there has been any permanent brain damage and to what extent the damage is. The doctors said that if she does recover she has a long road ahead of her and she will more than likely be spending a good deal of time in rehab when/if she leaves the hospital.  They have told the family it’s possible that Amanda will never come out of  the comatose state she is in and if she does that it is possible she has suffered brain damage so severe that she will never completely recover.

Amanda is in very critical condition.  Her extended family is struggling to help little Paxten understand what is going on. He is most definitely a ‘mama’s boy’ and he just can’t seem to understand why his mama isn’t at home with him. He told his grandmother last night “Mama falled off her 4-wheeler and got a booboo.”  He would ask when mama was coming home. My heart breaks knowing that it will be days, weeks, maybe even months before his mama will be well enough to go home.

Pray for this family … pray for Amanda to be healed, for her husband to have the strength he needs to cope with all that is going on … Pray for little Paxten that God will hold him close and help him to understand what is happening with his mama and that he will not feel deserted by her.  A world of prayers are being sent to our Heavenly Father for so, so many families and I have seen the power in those prayers.

Join me today as we all continue to pray for our friends … as we all see the miracles that only God can perform … PRAY!