Where in the world have I been?

Anyone asking that question? hmmm? Anyone out there wonder where I have been in … oh say … what seems like forever?  About two months to be exact! Where I am … I’m still there … so time doesn’t allow for a whole lot … I’ll do the best I can …

If you remember my lost post introduced you to the new little boy who joined our family three weeks early. Well let me tell you … that little boy has definitely made his presence known.  While he is one of the most precious little babies around … God Bless his little self … he’s somewhat of a baby nightmare.  Don’t get me wrong … I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world but I would like the opportunity to see what 6-7 hours of sleep feels like. WAIT .. I would welcome 2-3 hours sleep … how about even a solid 2 hours of silence?  Can I have any of them above?  Lil Bit is trying. He loves to be held. He hates being laid down.  He loves a bottle … maybe too much because all he wants to do is eat. ALL THE TIME people … I mean every waking moment that little boy wants a bottle in his mouth. Breast feeding was a total bust for his mama. She tried – God love her she tried so hard but I don’t believe her milk ever came in. She tried all the tricks … nursing, extra pumping, increased fluid intake … everything that was suggested but she woke up one morning and there was nothing … and I mean NOTHING. She pumped for 20 minutes on each breast and did not even get a teaspoon of milk.  She gave up and moved to formula … the basic formula the hospital starts all babies on. About 3 weeks of that and we knew it wasn’t going to work.  Lil Bit was constipated and his little tummy hurt all the time and the gas … Oh My Lawdy!  We changed to another formula designed for fussy babies with excessive gas and thought we had found a resolve. Things got better for a few days … then … we let our guard down and started to settle in to a normal life when BAM … Lil Bit reverted back to the non-sleeping, always crying baby boy. We’ve been struggling about two weeks now.  I thought maybe colic but he really doesn’t have a colic pattern … it’s more of an eating pattern.  He will scream to eat. We give him a bottle and within 10 minutes he is once again screaming bloody murder only this isn’t for food … it’s pain. You can see in his facial expression and his body actions that his little tummy is in pain.  Lots of attempts to burp and relieve the pressure which eventually will work but by that time it’s time for him to eat again. We feed and repeat the process.  Tomorrow he has his two month checkup and I’m going to be there!  I’m going to insist beg, plead, and cry to his doctor to please figure out what’s going on and to make him all better.  He’s growing so I believe his formula is satisfying his nutritional needs but it’s not settling well with his tummy.  We may try moving away from the milk based formula and try a soy based formula … maybe he is lactose intolerant.  Who knows?  The one thing we do know is that we’ve got to find a “different” place for Lil Bit’s schedule. We need rest and he does too.

I’m open to any ideas, suggestions, comments, or ‘cures’ that you may have.  I just want him to be a happy baby and right now … Lil Bit is not very happy.

On that note …

Neither is Lil Man 😦  Yesterday we had to make an unexpected trip to Urgent Care with him after he spiked, an out of no freaking where, fever of 102.  Dr said his right ear was at the point of rupturing and his left ear wasn’t very far behind.  This morning he is still spiking a fever between 101 & 102. Tylenol and Motrin will bring it down but it’s not staying down. His little ears hurt and he just wants to be cuddled … in bed … not in the chair … and he wants cartoons … specifically Wow Wow Wubzy & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Handy Manny.  We’ve obliged!

Last but not least … The man who was living in my house … the JERK who led me to believe that maybe we could rekindle the love we once had … when our children were little … well …

He chose on a Sunday afternoon while the girls and I were out with the babies doing our regular weekly shopping that he didn’t want to live with us anymore. He packed up and moved out … or should I say moved IN … with another woman. The woman he venomously denied having anything to do with when confronted about the situation. He decided he wanted to choose her over his family. He said we never talked … HELLO MISTER … It was tax season … I was working six days a week, 70+ hours a week! You were always in bed when I got home and you were gone when I got up … YOU never offered to drop by the office when you completed your little eight hour day. YOU never offered to be a part of the family on Sunday … my ONLY day off. Instead you were out with HER .. NOW Mister … I hear that you aren’t happy with her either.  Guess what … YOU AIN’T COMING BACK TO MY HOUSE!!

Life is good … we’re going to get by … and we’re going to enjoy doing it …


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