Prevacid or Pepcid?

Lil Bit has reflux. He has a horrible case of reflux.  If it goes in, it comes back out. No matter what it is or how much. We’ve tried everything I know of and nothing seems to help. Humor me if you will and allow me to tell you what is going on then feel free to jump in and help a Nana out here …

Lil Bit was born three weeks early but healthy. Other than being extremely sick my daughter’s pregnancy was relatively normal up until the last week when she started dealing with pregnancy induced hypertension, thus Lil Bit was delivered early. Nothing real major to write home about and a few days after delivery we took Lil Bit home and life moved on. The first month or so wasn’t too bad. Lil Bit did the normal new baby stuff. He was eating, peeing, pooping, … ya know … all that stuff that newborns should be doing.  Somewhere in the second month he started having this issue with spitting up. Not your normal “oh he spit” spit-up but the I’ve just had 3 oz of formula and 2 oz of that I’ll spit back up kind of spit-up.  We talked with his doctor about it during Lil Bit’s two month checkup and decided to try a formula change. Thus began our war with formula. To date we have tried all of the following … Enfamil Lipil, Enfamil Gentle Ease, Enfamil Lacto Free, Enfamil Nutramigen, Enfamil ProSobee (which we are currently using) and Similac Sensitive. I think that covers all we have tried. Nothing changes. He just spits.

He’s growing well and gaining the right amount of weight so I’m not afraid of him being malnurished or anything of that nature but I am concerned with all the constant spitting.  We have started feeding some Stage 1 solids such as Rice Cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and some fruits. He is almost six months old and things just aren’t getting any better.

We have tried three different medications. We started with Zantac but that was quickly changed to Pepcid. He did fairly well on the Pepcid but as he grew he would have break through reflux and required constant change in dosage to keep the reflux at bay and to keep him a happy baby.  Most recently we changed from Pepcid to Prevacid and OH MY HOLY GRANNY GRUNTS … we are in reflux Haties. In addition to the increased reflux we’ve also noticed that his bowel movements have become less frequent and he strains more. The biggest notable change is in his sleeping habits …as in … HE NEVER SLEEP.  I’m not just talking about nap time … I’m talking about ALL THE TIME.

God love his little soul.  He catnaps … maybe 10-15 minutes at a time … round the clock.  Last night alone …We put him to be about 9:00 which is normal. He never fell into a restful sleep. Finally at 1:00AM this morning his Mama threw in the towel and brought him to me. Her exact words … “Mama, I can’t do this anymore.”  I’m not sure if I was angry or if I felt sorry for her. This was about the 4th night of the no-sleep baby.  I took him to bed with me and tried to cuddle, which he normally loves. Last night … he wasn’t having it! At 3:00AM I moved to the recliner with him and also gave him a bottle. He settled for about 15 minutes. About the time I started back to bed with him he was wide awake again. Not crying but not real happy about being awake and just … not happy.  When my clock went off at 7am this morning my weary eyes had been open since 1:00AM.  When I left home going to the office he was still wide awake. His little eyes were red, puffy, and so so very sleepy. I felt so sorry for him but I’m at wits end for getting him to sleep.

Today when Heather picked him up from the babysitter she was told that he had not slept during the day, he has been very fussy, and the spitting has been non-stop. She went through four outfits and Heather had to change him again before she left the babysitter’s to go home.

Now … I’ve been a Mama for lots of years and I’ve been a Nana for about 2 1/2 years.  I’m not new to the world of parenting and I know something just isn’t right with Lil Bit.  Tonight I’m starting a new routine.  Lord help me and give me strenght.  I’m taking him completely off the reflux medications.  I’m starting him back at square one with feeding.  Strictly formula and rice cereal. No other solids. The spitting I can handle. The sleepless nights I can’t handle.  We have to get him back to square one so we can define what has him so out of balance. Tomorrow I’m calling his doctor and I’m asking for a Gastro referral so we can get to the bottom of this reflux issue and have it treated properly rather than through trial and error.

Where do you come in?  I want your input. I want your ideas, suggestions, experiences. I want to know what you know about infant reflux and how you deal with it.  I have read my tail off with the medical side of infant reflux. What I want now is actual case stuff … your story … what you have been through and what you did to deal with it.  Share with me Internet world and help this Nana out!


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  1. Mom23b's
    Aug 25, 2009 @ 17:08:32

    I went through this with my oldest daughter – she was my nutramagen baby $$$$…. It wasn’t until she was about a year old that the projectile spit-up stopped! It was horrid – she would barely eat much food and I couldn’t get her to eat much food – I finally just started feeding her while she played in the bathtub, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone? So to speak!

    I feel your pain – really I do! I think you are right to ask for a gastro referral, and I tried that method too- but 20 years ago – the Dr told me that unless there was a failure to thrive, they really didn’t see any reason for it! WHAT???!!??? You can imagine my frustration!!

    Luckily she did grow out of it, but it was a nightmare – Good Luck and keep following your ‘gut’ instincts!

  2. Kerrie
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 21:27:28

    Maybe you’ve figured it out by now. I have TWIN girls that have acid reflux. I thought I would lose my mind. I too called my mother and said I can’t take it anymore. She keeps them one night a week so I can have my sanity somewhat at least. I have not gone back to work because I’m afraid the would hurt my babies due to the horrid crying. After about 2 weeks the prevacid seems to work, the constipation due to prevacid reduces their natural gut bacteria so I give them natural probiotics when they are backed up from the health food store. They are on a non casein Good Start formula with prebiotics as well as bethanocol to help with digestion. The rice cereal also constipates a bit. Mine still spit up but at least the horrid crying has dissipated.

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