Step2Kitchen Giveaway!

I have always admired Step2 products. They have such a wide variety of items and they are reasonably priced.  We have long been dreaming for and eyeing the Naturally Playful Sand & Water Activity Center but alas it’s always seems that just when we are at a point to purchase something else comes along demanding the extra money we’ve saved. None the less I was absolutely tickeled ‘kitcheny’ today when I heard that Jentifa over at The Dirty Shirt is having an awesome giveaway for a Step2 Modern Lines Kitchen.  She has several ways to enter! Visit her site and regardless of whether you win the kitchen or not you will have an awesome new blog to follow.


Kicked Out of Early Headstart


Could you imagine something this cute and sweet getting kicked out of Early Headstart … ??

Me either!!  But it happened … today … Lil Bit got sent home and told he couldn’t come back until …

Let’s back up …

He’s had a stuffy nose and just felt kinda rotten for the past few days. Still pleasant and all … just snotty.  We were told on Monday there was another little boy in the same class with a respitory infection but then didn’t bother to send him home. Silently I questioned that but let it go thinking maybe he wasn’t contagious and Lil Bit would be ok. Other than the stuffy nose he’s fine and since Lil Man is kinda stuffy too I didn’t think much about it.  This morning when Lil Bit woke up his precious little eyes were all matted over. They weren’t red or swollen, just matted.  I contributed that to the stuffy runny nose stuff and didn’t give it a whole lot of merit.  Heather dropped him off at Early Headstart this morning and found out that the same kid with the respitory infection came to school yesterday with Pink Eye … but they didn’t send him home.  This ‘sick’ little boy hasn’t missed a day or been sent home, yet he has passed on a respitory infection and now pink eye.

Lil Bit’s Mama has him at the doctor’s office now being treated for pink eye and she was told he couldn’t come back to school until 24 hours after his first medication.  I fully understand all this and I’m cool with it all … EXCEPT … why is Lil Bit being told he can’t come back but this other little boy hasn’t been sent home or told he can’t come back until he is well …

Something isn’t right with this picture!

First Dentist Visit

Luckily Lil Man doesn’t share my fear of going to the dentist.  He had his first ever dental visit this morning and did great.  He was a little skeptical at first and was somewhat reluctant to open his mouth but once he gave in, his experience was a good one and I don’t think there will be problem with him going to the dentist in the future.  His check up was remarkable and the young lady who cleaned his teeth told him he was a very brave young man with a beautiful set of teeth. I think his biggest excitement was finally getting to visit the “Molar Roller” that he has seen sitting at his school for the past couple of weeks. The “Molar Roller” is a traveling dentist that will spend about a month, maybe two, at the school center and children from all over the county will be seen during this stop. The bus will move to another county and continue to rotate the different counties and will return here in about six month, just in time for Lil Man’s next visit.

Here’s a few pictures of his first visit!