What’s A Santa To Do?

Back on a warm summer Saturday afternoon Heather and I was out with the boys doing our regular every Saturday afternoon errands. We pulled into a parking lot and parked beside another van that had a battery powered kids ride on toy strapped to the top. Of course Lil Man decided right away that is what he just had to have. I explained to him that this kind of toy is not something you go out and buy everyday. This kind of toy was … I thought for a minute and then I responded … This is a SANTA toy. He looked at me quizzically and I explained to him that if he was really a good little boy then maybe Santa would bring him one of these particular ride on toys for Christmas. Boy – OH – Boy! Lil Man has not forgotten our talk about Santa and the Christmas toy.  He has said many times over again that if he was a good little boy then Santa would bring him ‘this ride on toy’ for Christmas.  Of course I would always be sure to stop and ask him what Christmas is all about and he will quickly tell me that Christmas is Baby Jesus birthday … no hesitation. I want him to be excited about Christmas but I also want to make sure he understand the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve done a good job … I think.  He will talk to us about Christmas and celebrating Jesus birthday without any mention of trees, food, toys, etc so I feel very good knowing that he understands Christmas.

NOW … here is the problem I have run into …

I have saved and saved to be able to buy this particular ride on toy for Lil Man this year.  Bless his heart he has been through so much and I was really getting excited to see that twinkle in his eye on Christmas morning when he woke up to find this sitting under (or beside) the Christmas tree … (minus the children of course)

This is the problem I have run into …

I made sure everyone in the family knew ‘Santa’ is bringing Lil Man the John Deere Gator pictured above for Christmas. I also made sure they knew that any contributions they choose to make toward purchasing said Gator would be greatly appreciated.  I was sure they all knew what Santa was bringing and they wouldn’t do anything to ‘steal’ Santa’s thunder … so to speak.  BOY was I wrong.

My mother, sister, and brother-n-law all took off shopping last Friday. My mother had told me many times over she would help with the purchase of the Gator. While she hasn’t offered to come through with money to help buy the Gator she had not made any indication that she had other plans. I talked with her on Saturday and she said that when Lil Man saw what she had bought him for Christmas he would go wild. That was all I needed to hear!  She wouldn’t tell me what she had bought other than to say it was not the Gator. I wrecked my brain all weekend trying to think of what in the world she could have bought for him that could possibly be more exciting than the Gator he wanted so badly.  This morning she finally told me … my heart is breaking and I’m not sure how to handle this situation. Plans are all ready set for Christmas and to change them would be too much of a hassle for everyone involved. If we were having Christmas at Mama’s on Christmas Day then there would be no problem … Santa’s twinkle would be saved. We’re not … We are having Christmas at Mama’s on Christmas Eve because everyone already has other plans for Christmas Day. I don’t want to hurt my Mama’s feelings. With her health this may be the last Christmas she is with us and I don’t want to spoil it for her … BUT I don’t want it spoiled for Santa either … OK that sounds selfish but Lil Man getting Christmas from his Mo (my Mama) BEFORE he receives Christmas from Santa will definitely put a damper on anything Santa will bring …

Why??  This is WHY … This is what my Mama bought Lil Man for Christmas (minus the children)  …

See what Santa is up against?  What would you do?  All I can do is cry and Santa crying, four days before Christmas, is not pretty.


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  1. Rhi
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 17:00:52

    Yikes! What about returning your gift and asking your mom if you can put some of the money from the return towards her gift and then selecting another present from Santa?

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