Now I Can Talk About IT

Somedays you want to shout things to the world but you have to hold your tongue until order takes place. That is how things were for me the past 24ish or so hours.  I’ve held on to news, only sharing it with those I knew would not come in contact with immediate family members and say something before said family members knew. This morning I broke the news to said family members so now I can share my news with everyone … including my few blog readers …

I’m going to be a GRANDMA … again!

Feeling are mixed … emotions are high … we have some worries … but we know God is in control.

I’ll share more details after my daughter’s doctor appointment on Wednesday … until then please keep us all in your prayers.

OH … BTW … Lil Man turned 3 years old yesterday … our baby in Heaven would have been 21 months on the 18th … Lil Bit was 10 months old on Tuesday … and we think the new baby is due sometime around the first of June.

I’ll share birthday posts and new baby news as soon as I can grab a few free minutes.