Time To Catch UP – Do You Agree?

I seriously need to start paying more attention to this lonely blog! Agree? … Agreed! I don’t want this post to turn into an Epic Adventure so I’ll make every attempt to be brief yet informative … not a lot of promise for entertaining but some cute pictures may help.

Let’s talk about the babies! Lil Bit turned one year old a few, well several, days ago. How precious this little boy is. He’s not one bit interested in walking but he sure does love to scoot across the floor.  His favorite meal is leaves. YES I said leaves. If there is a leaf in sight he is going to find it and it’s going straight for his mouth. Why? I’m not sure. From the look on his face I would guess they didn’t taste all that good. It must be the texture.

Precious or what?

He had his first haircut! He L.O.V.E.D. every minute. Not a single whimper and you could tell he knew it was all about him.

He’s also had his first dentist visit. He only had four teeth for his first visit but two days later he had two new teeth coming in. He’s going to be slow with getting his teeth but the dentist said that’s not a bad thing. She said the later their teeth come in the more ready they are to care for them. Lil Bit L.O.V.E.S having his teeth brushed.

And because I love him so much … here’s a few more

Lil Man has been busy too.  He had a haircut … although it’s not his first but he was cute too.

He also went to the dentist. He has perfect, beautiful teeth!

And because he is just so darn cute …

Lil Man is having surgery on Wednesday, March 17 to have his tonsils & adenoids removed and to have tubes put in his ears. I’m sure he will do better than Nanny will!

Heather is doing great. New baby is growing and we’re anxious to find out if we’re buying blue or pink this time. We find out on April 12! It’s exciting.

More later …