Weight In and What Else Is Going On

Weight Watchers is going G.R.E.A.T. My first week I lost 10.6 lbs. My second week I lost 4 lbs. My third week I lost 1 lb and walked away discouraged but not ready to give up. At yesterdays weight-in I had lost 4.2 lbs bringing my total weight loss since May 13, 2010 to 19.8 lbs. To say I am excited is an understatement!  I will continue to update and try to get a new picture over the weekend. My goal is to take a new picture on the 13th of every month throughout this journey and in the end I will be able to scrapbook my weight loss journey. Something I will be very proud of and something I look forward to sharing with all of you.

On to other things …

As some of you know my daughter is pregnant with her second little boy. She is due toward the end of August. We’ll start looking at delivery dates on her next visit to Asheville in July. She will be a scheduled C-Section.  She is having some ‘issues’ right now that have me ubber concerned for both her health and for the health/safety of Lil Guy. She’s had swelling in her feet and ankles since early pregnancy but all of her labs and blood pressure has been great. This week the swelling became very painful and her feet started turning red and felt hot to the touch.  She has had a Doppler sonogram to rule out blood clots and also some lab work done to rule out infection. So far there hasn’t been anything determined. She is going back to the doctor today which is good because what started in the left foot and only gotten worse as the week progressed has now moved to the right foot and up to her knees on both legs.  Her feet and legs look like someone has thrown hot water on them or like she has spent way to much time in the sun. They are swollen, red, and very painful.  I’m anxious to see what her doctor says today and how he plans to proceed with diagnosis and treatment.  His initial thought after ruling out blood clots was that she had come down with a good case of Gout but I expect that to be ruled out today.   While you are praying today say a prayer for her and for Lil Guy.   I’ll keep you posted!


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